Network marketing thinking to make use of the distribution of tens of thousands of people to create

Network marketing thinking to make use of the distribution of tens of thousands of people to create

" smart marketing people often know how to use the power of the masses, the top Internet marketing experts are good at using the distribution model to create their own income for the

. In the Internet industry, the energy of any individual is limited, how to detonate the mass energy and correctly guide the energy to create value for marketers is a problem everyone needs to think about marketing "

in the last log, we analyzed three categories of passive income items. My point is that some of you can do it, and most know it. At the end of logs, we analyzed how to make the "active" project into a "passive"? "Passive" benefits are too many, but the most important is that if your income "passive", then you can have more time to spend.


we mentioned a concept called "upstream" in an article on the log, if you can enter a project of the upstream industry chain, then you will have much passive income opportunities! Well, said concept may understand it would be more difficult. Let’s give an example.

the first example is the IDC industry, some of the play.

what is IDC? Simple understanding, is the server rental. You do a website, do a forum need a space, is it? We can’t buy a server in your own bedroom. So we’re renting the server space. IDC service providers in the computer room will have a lot of servers, they will be divided into many of these servers partition. We like the same computer, into the C drive, D disk, F disk and so on, a lot of, we will hire him one of our web application on the inside. His server 24 hours boot, our website is also on the 24 hour online. This explains the concept of IDC to understand it,


OK, we see that many businesses are selling virtual space on Taobao. However, some of the agency model, what does it mean to help people to sell, that is, CPS mode, to help people after the transaction, you can get a part of the commission. There are some people open their own room, buy one or two servers (general server cost in 20 thousand / Taiwan), and then to sell their servers. This part of the seller, the price of the virtual host There are plenty of people who, they are usually cheaper than the price of mainstream IDC agents. So how do they make money? What is a rent on a few hundred dollars? (of course, this part of the rent, can be quite a part of sharing the cost, and every month, every year)

in general, the latter play, not on rental income. Because he’s already on the top of the IDC project. So, he has the control of the largest. A server, if not too many pictures and video resources, then put a five hundred or six hundred site is no problem. You thought you were taking him

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