Make use of QQ space traffic start all make

Make use of QQ space traffic start all make

QQ how to do space flow and I think many people know, is to give others the space to the message, the master and the visitors have come to your space; all make everyone knows, start after power is quite large. The problem is that the QQ space flow do very hard, and many of the advertising code cannot be applied directly to the space inside, and make all the most difficult is to start (the appropriate temptation is important), so we can combine the two together with will have new effect.

can do this:

1, do QQ space, head and fill in the information (see more traffic in large space or peer advertising), in the space of the two places to do all the people are making connections (space home page and message board above),

2, do all make the page, and there are two programs, one is the 10WIP program, and the other is a page (that is the kind of note I mentioned yesterday),

3, with QQ space message King (QQ space Secretary) to leave a message to someone else, the owner will return the space, see the space of the people have been tempted to your QQ space up!

4, traffic and then turn to the people are making programs on the page or start doubling.

I’m talking about is a kind of thinking, the specific operation must rely on their own grasp, more practice and more improvement, there will be good results.

also hope that we can say their views, more exchanges Oh!

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