Jiang Likun how to find the best way to promote the network

Jiang Likun how to find the best way to promote the network

often have friends to ask the author, what kind of promotion is the best? In fact, there is no such thing as the best way to promote the world, is the best. So today jianglikun will be here and we explore how, according to their actual situation, to find the most suitable way of promotion.

a, determine the target population

promotion need to think about the first question: to promote the target population is those? This is very important, if the crowd is uncertain, it is difficult to develop a suitable, targeted promotion. Future work may be one step wrong, step by step wrong. There are two ways to identify the target population:

1, designated target user population

this does not need to say, often in commercial companies, such a situation is more. Leaders will often be required to designate a part of the population to promote the promotion of targeted personnel. For example students, many companies are now targeting the campus of this one, regardless of whether the audience is not a student, all run school kicked into love.

2, according to the characteristics of the product to find the crowd

in the actual work, often encounter such a situation, the company or the website of the new product line, will require us to carry out a special promotion. This time the product is determined, but the target population is very vague, this time we need to start from the product to determine the target population,

first, to fully understand the characteristics of their own products, advantage; then these advantages are listed one by one, and one by one to find the audience most interested in articles; the last of these groups were compared and analyzed to find out the most popular group.

two, determine the promotion medium

in physics, some undulating movements (such as sound and light etc.) in order to spread substance called these corrugated medium of movement. For example: light through the lens, the lens is the medium; light into the water, water is the medium. If the network promotion is undulating movement, in order to spread the media should be what


this is the promotion of the media based on the product (or a function of the product), and this product (or function) should meet the needs of users. In the network promotion, the key to success depends largely on the quality of the media. Therefore, it is important to promote the media to match the enemy vital. How to find out the best promotion medium?

1, according to user needs to find media.

can be used in this case when the product is uncertain. First the user needs detailed list, then list the priority according to the important degree, choose the most in need of a few users, and then to adjust the product, determine the medium. Here is an example:

take a push, the website promotion personnel is a push the main user groups, the needs of this population are the following: media resources, promotion tools, training opportunities, promotion programs, skills and job opportunities.

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