QQ group marketing network marketing

QQ group marketing network marketing

the age of the Internet today, network marketing is getting more and more medium and small enterprises and even individuals like, more and more enterprises and individuals entering the field, ready to sell their products through the network marketing. Subsequently, the network in a variety of platforms, have been used, the site can put ads above, the mailbox can send ads, QQ can also send ads, in short, advertising is everywhere, nowhere. In this QQ tool popular network era, QQ group marketing marketing this way by the friends of the pro gaze sales. But, do QQ group marketing, advertisement in the QQ group, I believe there are feelings. (I think this kind of feeling, only to be sensed, not explained, this is not explained, this may feel their own personal experience, perhaps even better).

often walk in the QQ group inside people should know, QQ group inside hair is how annoying ads, how to make people hate, especially in inappropriate settings such as QQ group, to discuss the experience in SEO I often in the yellow pages of 88 network exchange group, suddenly a big man Tuo advertising, so, I almost do not see advertising content, he immediately fly out of the group, because he has bothered me (interrupt management consequences); for example, in one is the white-collar work personnel in the QQ group, to send a harvester of agricultural machinery, rice transplanter, what do you think advertising. So people ignore you? Can sell products? I feel almost too realistic, but it was kicked out of the group outside.

QQ group marketing is not wrong, this way is to do good, the effect is really good, but do not you just run everywhere, every day the feeling of being bullied, in the course of time will lose confidence in the QQ group marketing. So, how do you like the QQ group marketing, QQ group inside the advertisement will not hate, not be those who play the main management? Today, the author sorted out some own views, I hope you do not spray my personal point of view, the author, is now more popular QQ group administrator, many industry QQ group hands there, with you said, analysis of various methods and the advantages and disadvantages of the QQ group advertising:

No1: lost to all sense of shame. Die hard; a centipede dies but never falls down, not wild fire, the spring breeze again.

this way, it is shameless, a fresh squeezed group inside to send an ad was kicked, kicked and everywhere add group, repeat. This advertisement is the most let the group friends hate, resentment, some people do, that it is desirable, when the ads in the analysis: a group of friends to fiery suddenly appeared, to people’s visual effect, many people can see the advertisement at that time, if your advertising is public consumption for example, in the Taobao open, just and promotional activities, it may bring you good traffic. The disadvantage is, this kind of advertising is really hate, if not familiar with the management of the main group, basically is immediately kicked, what is more, there will be negative effects, for example, if you are in a SE>

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