The boiling point of nternet Marketing

The boiling point of nternet Marketing

      along with aQuantive to $6 billion acquisition of Microsoft news once again to refresh the record DOUBLE-CLICK was GOOGLE huge acquisitions, network marketing has once again become a hot industry! This at least shows the following:

1, the use of the Internet more urgent demand for profit.

2, the Internet can have a lot of potential profit space.

3, acquisition, for giant companies, is to obtain experience, channels, teams, etc. the fastest way to save the province, but also the company’s mutual confrontation, the inevitable result of market share.

network marketing has once again become the focus of attention of the global Internet, but also set off a competition for the pursuit of the Internet and the potential market mining tournament. Looking at the domestic network marketing, the competition is also in full swing, but the fierce competition does not mean that "at present, how rich, strong and prosperous" domestic network distributors are competing for advertising platform and advertisers, give a cheaper price racked mind, competition is still in the primary stage.

summary, the current domestic network marketing platform has several features:

1, Guangzhou no refinement.

from the form of advertising: ideas constantly, but the real market is not much.

from the promotion platform: a single pursuit of advertising platform, but the real value of the platform is not enough excavation.

from the point of view of advertising: advertising quality needs to be improved.

2, homogenization serious.

Because the

advertising platform and advertisers degree is large, so the network marketing platform, mostly at a low price, connections and other non formal means of snatching market. In order to avoid put the egg in one basket, more is to take the "multi pronged battle plan", with a network operating platform operators at the same time a number of advertising products, because the team energy is limited, cannot be a fine do through advertising products to.

3, advertising has not yet achieved true orientation.

although the Internet advertising has been shouting user orientation, but also take a more traditional advertising "form, and did not really achieve the orientation, consumption behavior and report data and no real valued Internet related users.

4, market competition = operating capacity competition

in the form of advertising on the domestic market, and a lot of good ideas, many companies have been in the eyes on the future to develop new products, existing products and neglect of their operations. Therefore, the same creative products, operating capacity is different, will bring the company to a different level of competition.

5, technological innovation, the establishment of standards, can really set up barriers to trade.

‘s real innovation comes from the impact of disruptive nature, which could create a new standard. >

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