Teach you how to use micro blog red envelopes attract precise fans

Teach you how to use micro blog red envelopes attract precise fans

in fact, last night received a private letter bear red envelopes, click did not grab, then choose the money into red, the result, automatically chose the 500 grade, so no play.

then go to work today, Mr. Gong Wenxiang received a private letter, it is to grab a red envelope. So I went in, the time.

if you have not played, then please register to play under the micro-blog bar. The rules of the game is very simple, the user can enter the red envelopes in the master micro-blog home page and any click on the red micro-blog grab red button, you can enter the red pages to extract red envelopes.

is the key to play in the money into the red envelope here. When the average number of times after the end of the draw, you need to share through the station or outside of a single red envelope money to increase the chance of winning the red envelope 1 times. Share not elaborate. Plug the money or the main fun.

how is it fun?

if you grab the Wangyeh envelopes, then you will pay attention to micro-blog’s automatic. If you put the money into a red envelope, then other people to grab a red envelope, will automatically focus on your micro-blog.

perhaps you will say, you are doing micro business, the position is on WeChat, and not to do micro-blog, micro-blog fans also dozens, no big use. Well, you’re wrong. Wang I also didn’t play micro-blog, but the use of micro-blog marketing, to guide WeChat fans up, I think it can be.

so, to talk about how to operate it.

or micro-blog red envelopes.

let me talk about myself.

to others when people receive a red envelope, you plug a red envelope, will automatically focus on your micro-blog, so I can not go to those big star V or red envelopes stuffed? Note: here the micro-blog V or star choice needs to be targeted, you need to find the product with your own business. Can not be any kind of big V go.

you give them a red envelope, and their fans have come to you, the fans are more accurate. But the red envelopes are bound to the extraction of Alipay, so the fans are really active powder, powder, very valuable.

maybe you’ll say, I can’t help buying fans. Play a few dozen or so. Such is the case。

so, according to this game, you will play the most fun, many fans only, can not bring much in return. So, what do you want to do?

If you are

I feel no hesitation, nouveau riche, 10005000, directly put money into the red. In this way, on the one hand got the attention of the micro-blog Lord, perhaps he directly contact you alone, to help you advertise, in addition, the direct access to these red packets brought fans, 5>

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