QQ website through the promotion of alternative methods

QQ website through the promotion of alternative methods

originally a lot of website promotion methods, here only introduces a method of promotion through QQ alumni, but also a moment of thought, don’t mind is bad. Since the birth of happy net, the network began to cover over the imitation station, similar to the happy net beyond count in play at the same time, but you have not thought of the way to promote your website? Tencent, very Niubi, user coverage billion, a lot of people in order to let my QQ Alumni upgrade faster, steal more so, it is not quite the same with friends, to fill up my QQ alumni at least 800 friends, 800 people think ah, not much, but also many, but why don’t we use these SNS to publicize their site by the way? Of course there are a lot of similar plugins, if adding a website promotion is not a good use of plug-in and


as a friend of the published or reproduced a good article, we comment on the way, if one of his friends reproduced, so his good friends also have the opportunity to see the friends of friends, if he continues to reprint it?… think? Why is my friend in an instant to 500 or more you know? QQ alumni is through friends find friends, a good friend know another good friends will know, so a ten, ten chuan-100, our website is spread out.

of course this method does not recommend this, with similar software group with no estimate of what two things, which are spam, the difference is that the search engines should not be the chain, but it can bring IP flow, if your promotion is a good site you expected there are a few of the collection. We play in the promotion and we share your own website, Why not?? not overdo sth.


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