Hanting inn for Ji Qi to take the size of the low end nn

Hanting inn for Ji Qi to take the size of the low end nn

home since listing, has become the undisputed leader of the Econo Hotel, Jiqi became the first person to eat crab. Another brand "at the same time Ji Qi founded the Han court" has been specious free at the Econo Hotel on the edge of the "price" of Chinese front strictly speaking is not the real meaning of the Econo Hotel, some of the hotel prices be roughly the same with three star hotels. From the world travel network (http://s.www.chinahotel168.com) news: Recently, "Han court also launched" Hanting inn "for the low-end price positioning, full price of 99 yuan! So far," Han court "strategy has begun to significantly exposed!" Han court "in the upper and lower ends clamped home, to defend the home position on the one hand, on the other hand can play the intention of size fits all strategy


two beds can use a bedside lamp, only shower bath, no do not provide breakfast and "six small"…… A year ago, Star Cruises group’s "my inn" unified each year with the price of 99 yuan into Hangzhou, refresh the Hangzhou Econo Hotel best price.

this low price will be rewritten again. Shanghai Hanting Hotels group announced the first store will open its new brand "Hanting inn" in Hangzhou, all 143 rooms are priced at 99 yuan, and more than 1/3 rooms offer shop shop or family size, height of bed, the lowest per capita accommodation costs less than 25 yuan.

"Hanting inn" is like a tail catfish, stir in Hangzhou Econo Hotel market.

, according to incomplete statistics, at present, Home Inns, holiday star, Super 8, whwh, JinJiang Inn, Ibis 50 to an economy chain brand in Hangzhou, the average price in 180 yuan / room to 230 yuan / between. Such as Home Inns wulinpiazza standard room 269 yuan, holiday star wulinpiazza standard room is 243 yuan, the JinJiang Inn Genshan road standard room is 179 yuan.

in "my inn" Hangzhou shop manager Xie Jun view, "the possibility of competition Hanting inn" and "my inn" is relatively small. "The two stores are geographically far," my inn ‘in the bus station near, more exchanges between Jinhua and Wenzhou to do business, which guarantees its fixed traffic to a great extent. "Hanting inn" in the Baochu Road, to attract more travel to Hangzhou or short-term learning of young people."

at this point, the two hotels seem to have reached a consensus. "Hanting inn" manager Xu Jie said, "Hanting inn" is a number of economic budget is not high "tour pal", young they hope that through further subdivision of Econo Hotel market, attract Backpackers stay. "Now the Econo Hotel for college students, such as’ Backpackers’, or a little expensive."

it is understood that the "Hanting inn" the room area will be in the 7 to 10 square meters, but the public space.

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