Network marketing is an independent shopping mall or shopping platform

Network marketing is an independent shopping mall or shopping platform

this is a customer yesterday in a hundred million online customer service issues. He said, want to open an online store, but feel that the current domestic shopping platform is not, and they do not know the independence of the mall in the end good, so I would like to know. This is a very interesting question, although there seems to be some really wanted to open up many a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but the network marketing users will have such doubts. We first analyze the difference between the two marketing:

shopping platform

domestic main shopping platform

is currently the main domestic B2C/C2C shopping platform Taobao, Alibaba (Master B2B), Jingdong, Yi Xun,, one store, Suning, Amazon etc.. Taobao still occupy the mainstream position, the development of Jingdong, Suning, Yi, Amazon and a number of stores are relatively fast, while is currently brewing a new round of development, how to development prospects, no one has the exact answer.

platform competition

at the moment, the most intense competition is in Ali, Taobao and Alibaba, but the Alibaba in recent years doesn’t seem to be enough times, the degree of competition in other platforms on the whole are similar, but because of the nature of the site of different products and different emphases, can not do a judgment on the classification of competition.

entry threshold

is currently Taobao’s entry threshold is still the lowest, from entering into the sale of products, everything is free. Of course, the price paid by individuals who want to get a better product ranking and sales can not be counted. Some other platforms such as Jingdong, Yi Xun, Dangdang settled not only require the enterprise to provide the relevant qualification certificate, but also provide some margin costs; and a number of stores Amazon did not specify in the need to provide security, but for the quality of enterprises and distribution capacity both have relatively high requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of

shopping platform


1, with the platform to increase the flow of large shops exposure rate

2, the visibility of the platform easier to bring traffic to the store;

3, you can participate in a variety of promotional activities platform, do not have their own ideas to do sales promotion;


1, platform access threshold high;

2, fierce competition;

3, restricted content more;

4, the user will directly affect the evaluation of the product and store rankings and sales;

5, the flow of funds through the shopping platform to reach the seller account;

6, the seller’s shop and capital account is a risk of being frozen shopping platform

independent mall

independent mall that does not rely on any shopping platform and the existence of independent purchase >

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