Jingdong mall accused of selling expired skin care products

Jingdong mall accused of selling expired skin care products


morning news (reporter Yan Fei) Mr. Feng in the online purchase of Biotherm crystal whitening essence, the "Biotherm" Hongkong customer service confirmation has expired. To this end, he is on the grounds of fraud, the Beijing Jingdong century Information Technology Co., Ltd. and L’OREAL (China) Co., Ltd. to court, requiring the defendant to double the two yuan compensation for the payment of $398 and the payment of notary fees of $1000. Currently, Chaoyang Court has accepted the case.

Mr. Feng said, in December 1st last year, he in the "Jingdong mall" online purchase of L’OREAL company production of "Biotherm crystal Huanlu" two branches, the total price of 398 yuan. Mr. Feng received the goods the next day, but has not received the invoice. The use of the product on the Chinese side of the box specified limit for March 1, 2015. Worried about the authenticity of the product and quality problems, he went to Biotherm Hongkong customer service telephone inquiries related information, customer service personnel according to the printed product batch number on the box told the production date is January 22, 2009, the shelf life of three years, namely the product use period expired on January 22, 2012.

then, Mr. Feng also call "Biotherm" mainland customer service, the answer is to limit the use of product term in the bottle marked the date, when Mr. Feng asked the production date of the product, customer service reply that is not clear, when further questioning the meaning of product batch number, did not inform the customer service.

Feng said he had complained to L’OREAL, but L’OREAL said it had never responded to the sale of the product in mainland China, and denied that there is a cooperative relationship with Jingdong mall third party shop. Mr Feng said that he is still unable to confirm the authenticity and origin of the product, but at least you can confirm the sales of cosmetics has more than shelf-life, the defendant’s conduct constitutes two consumer fraud, shall bear legal responsibility. Mr. Feng asked the two defendants jointly refund the purchase price of $398, while the loss of 398 yuan and the notary fee of $1000.

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