From the taste of the electricity supplier to the major health platform chunshuitang professional cu

From the taste of the electricity supplier to the major health platform chunshuitang professional cu

color from "adult" to line line was removed, causing capital attention to taste like a raging fire in 13 years from entrepreneurship, Ma Jiajia, their first crab chunshuitang now has become a well-known brand of high-end taste, fashion, sexy, healthy, full sense of science and technology.

as an adult health comprehensive leading service platform and China first sex toys sale website chunshuitang currently has business platform with its own brand of smart hardware two core business, is committed to the products and services of high quality and low price, breaking the industry profits, constantly optimize the industrial chain, through the sale mode, to provide sexual life quality, sexy healthy and harmonious taste for people, accelerate the industry reshuffle.

2: Fun electricity supplier difficult exploration

2002, Wang Juntao’s 8848 as day Zhongtian,’s Taobao has not yet launched. At that time, the industry is also limited to the taste of the flashing lights of the street ambiguous, mysterious "adult health" shop, uneven quality, full name.

has just experienced a two business plan but Lin Degang the idea of "fun electricity supplier". For him, do electricity supplier because the electricity supplier most in line with my skills, and the most important thing is to pay attention to the privacy of nature is the most suitable to do electricity supplier". Of course, the most important is, Lin Degang found, with 80, 90 after growing up, Adult supplies market will have the future.

however, in the "talk" color, taste is not good to do business. Wandering between the mass media and the hall space, have many limitations, but also through some detours. In 2006, the hall opened 100 stores, after nearly two years of investment advertising, personnel after the expansion of wage costs and office rents have greatly increased losses. Dead End。

re focus on electricity supplier chunshuitang targeting fashion. On 2009, hall began working closely with top fashion magazines, and "the hard way out of a fashion way".

from the electricity supplier to its own brand: opportunities and the outbreak of

have to say, the popular Ma Jiajia to attract a lot of attention for the interest of industry, could trigger further attention to the capital side in this field. It has been found that the appeal is no longer a vulgar and dirty topic, but rather an interesting, fashionable, healthy and harmonious attitude towards life. Work load chunshuitang low-key ten and Lin Degang, finally began a high-profile up.

this time, chunshuitang decided to go a different way, in addition to fun supplies vertical, to do its own brand of intelligent hardware.

on the market only shake rod is not less than 30 thousand, of which the 29999 did not mean." Lin Degang to create a new market. 2014 chunshuitang successfully got A round of 20 million yuan financing, Lin Degang announced that most of the funds are to be used to develop its own brand, the main intelligent products taste.

in the fall of 2014, hall two smart products market. A call >

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