The news that PPTV CEO appointed meters Xin Suning shares has changed hands three

The news that PPTV CEO appointed meters Xin Suning shares has changed hands three

December 1st news, according to informed sources, PPTV employees have received a letter of appointment notice, announced the appointment of CEO PPTV as president and Xin M. However, the official PPTV has not confirmed this appointment message.

said the appointment of PPTV CEO m Xin Su Ning shares has changed hands three

data show that the former Guangdong Xin meters to join the PPTV network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager, responsible for market operation of CIBN Internet TV business. According to reports, m Xin will be responsible for PPTV daily operation and management, in charge of video service, copyright procurement, OTT and game business.

in addition, the internal mail also announced the appointment of Fan Zhijun as chairman of the PPTV Management Committee, responsible for the group with PPTV and PPTV resource sharing and coordination docking, major decision-making management, in charge of the first PPTV sports, human resources, finance, communications and project management work; the appointment of vice president Xun Wei, responsible for the overall management of the first sports PPTV.


Xin is recognized as the president and CEO of PPTV, which will be Suning shares PPTV CEO after the position changed hands third.

October 2013, Suning announced Lenovo holdings jointly invest $420 million stake in PPTV, including PPTV CEO, the former PPTV Tao Chuang, several executives have been leaving in March 2014, followed by Lenovo department executives Lv Yan served as PPTV CEO. In November 25, 2014, Suning said the PPTV board has appointed Fan Zhijun vice president Su ningyun as chairman of the management committee, on behalf of PPTV CEO.

in November this year, Su ningyun announced that intends to 2 billion 588 million yuan price, PPTV will hold 68.08% of the shares transferred to the Suning culture. Fan Zhijun said, Suning and PPTV stripping on both sides is good, PPTV turned to Suning Suning culture from the peel, to focus resources, promote the retail and creative industry restructuring and professional operation, will also give PPTV more development space and driving force. (Ming Yu)

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