Multi wrestling takeaway O2O logistics and to push the team into the competition focus

Multi wrestling takeaway O2O logistics and to push the team into the competition focus

Jingdong, Alibaba have been listed, which means that China’s Internet shopping in the field of the entrance of the end of the war, a record, the two sides turned to look for the next big entrance.

China there is an old saying: hunger breeds discontentment. With a huge amount of food to naturally become the eyes of the Internet hunters prey. April foreign online takeaway company GrubHub, JustEat and other high premium IPO, so that the market saw the value of the industry. This boost, giant Alibaba, Baidu, the U.S. group, public comment and other disputes have increased, the online takeaway market rapidly.

online takeaway industry commercial value only takeaway? Obviously not, its greatest value lies in the company through participation in this category to the layout of takeaway business community entrance, this is the online takeaway industry practitioners in the future.

recently, takeaway platform to gourmet food, easy to get a few hundred million dollars to get the Amoy food, will be in the takeaway O2O enclosure war continues to climax.

said that if the group purchase cheap mode is difficult to obtain long-term support merchant level, takeaway O2O because of broad market prospects, favored by the capital, incoming giant and increased competition and other concern.

industry observers told the "daily economic news" reporter the interview said, in this war, Baidu and other giants takeaway service mode is single, traffic is the main selling point; and with U.S., hungry Mody medium platform as the representative of the dispute is expected to affect the industry structure.

medium platform competition or will change the pattern of

in May this year, hungry from and has invested $80 million for investors, said the two sides will merchant data in the field of takeaway food, takeaway service and platform flow three-dimensional integration docking. At that time, vice president Jiang Yueping said that the restaurant type and grade of different takeaway business expansion difficulty than the group purchase low, such as orders and logistics experience and other factors will affect the user experience. O2O analyst Huang Yuanpu said, after the cooperation with the public comment, hungry direct competitors have been turned away from the independent takeaway sites and the United States and the United States and other groups to take away the flow platform.

day before, to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, Huang Yuanpu sold foreign O2O industry pattern describes, Baidu takeaway entered the market late, from the development pattern and the existing scale, and Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as the Amoy little ALI) temporarily unable to emulate. For these large platforms, takeaway business can be regarded as a business expansion of Baidu and Ali, the success or failure of the impact on the main business is very small. In contrast, U.S., hungry and so on is in the growth medium by the platform for the acceleration phase of a large platform, has important strategic significance takeaway business, two are currently in the depth of strengthening the deployment, exclusive competition has intensified, the future of the industry will also have a certain effect.

"US group and public comment on Strategy

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