The operation of agricultural electricity supplier WeChat twelve words creative content diligent pa

The operation of agricultural electricity supplier WeChat twelve words creative content diligent pa

is in the fresh electricity commodity trading and consumer driven era, the network community is in the primary stage, the quality of the community and activity are relatively low, and these indicators is an important foundation of fresh business sustainable growth.

first, the higher the community activity, the higher the value of the member, the fans economy is easier to achieve. After long-term brand community planning operation, the author summarizes the promotion activity of the community twelve words: creative content, participation, topic, HI often live fans.

"rise formula": a content

fresh electricity supplier community operation will follow the "fun, content, sharing" principle, content creation is the prerequisite, and widely shared, interactive content based on interesting delicacy is the priority among priorities, no content not a brand community, not to mention fresh community activity without brand community.

exposed industry insider, namely high critical degree caused a high degree of concern. All along, the problem of pesticide residues, product freshness are difficult to China agriculture, and fresh electricity supplier development facing cold chain logistics and production supply standard imperfect industry problem, which requires attention to fresh fresh electricity supplier of the real needs of consumers.

so, might as well from the industry safety, quality, processing of insider insider insider of Jieduan, or pain or exposure, causing the industry and consumer attention.

fresh electricity supplier brand community involved fresh products safety discussion, quality evaluation and many other content, excellent fresh electricity can always expose the industry insider, acquired brand reputation, and community identity.

first, said the industry safety of the pain, the depth of "tour" of the safety situation of industry of fresh products, own brand reflects a high degree of safety; secondly, to expose the industry the quality of the pain, transfer agricultural products planting, growth and maintenance of multiple values, reflect the brand quality assurance. When exposed to the wind of the industry, it is necessary to fully reflect the sense of security, quality and sense of value from the brand, highlighting the personal value of its own brand.

dig food history, each fresh food has its own unique story. "Tongue on China" is popular because it tells the history of China’s excellent ingredients, greatly stimulated the interests of consumers. Similarly, when the excellent fresh electricity supplier to operate the community, always tap their own characteristics of the food, or to show their excellent origin, or show their processing skills, or to express their value of life, to tap its unique ingredients value.

expert tree authority. At present, lack of standardization of agricultural products, production procedures, work standards and grades are not fully defined, which directly affects the quality of fresh products, the safety and the actual price is one of the fresh electricity providers need to focus on the content of community construction.

fresh electricity supplier through cooperation with the domestic first-class agricultural experts, together to develop a number of high-quality agricultural production standards, identification and classification of grading methods, etc., and the content of these ingredients, food