Business enterprise rush double 11 Tmall the day turnover hit 10 billion

Business enterprise rush double 11 Tmall the day turnover hit 10 billion

November 11th is the day, the festival is now being adapted into online shopping Carnival business enterprise. Tmall,, Jingdong, Yi Xun and other electronic business platform will this day as a priority among priorities for a year.

Tmall hope that such promotions to achieve what kind of effect, said Zhang Yong, President of Tmall, the 11 most attractive to consumers is not the price, but the enthusiasm of the spread, the people involved in consumer interaction is unprecedented.

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma Yun (micro-blog) remarks revealed Tmall’s ambitions, the current situation for the traditional business ecosystem is a revolutionary subversion. He stressed that is done in an ecosystem: "after all the lions killed, the sheep will live very well, not necessarily, so I think we do not Ali in a company today, we are more like an ecosystem."

Tmall has been warming up 11.11 since October 15th, participating in the company’s growth from 2000 in 2011 to more than $10000. According to the existing system and delivery problems, Tmall CEO Zhang Yong said, began to carry out a variety of system a few months before the expansion, the pressure to prepare, including operation and maintenance, the room of the deployment, capacity is several times the amount of improvement, do a lot of backup solutions. Express has done the national deployment, courier companies in the various lines above the package carrying capacity, including the state of congestion can do a quick response to ensure that consumers receive the fastest.

but other platforms are also not Tmall solo.

Following the August 15th this year with the Jingdong

mall warfare,’s high profile joined the ranks of the fight against Tmall. Super 0 yuan buy millions of goods, is actually a disguised 50 percent off, is only 11 in the free shipping business enterprise, invested 50 million of logistics costs, all these show Suning retail channel reengineering determination.

is a Jingdong with previous abnormal mall, mall Jingdong in order to avoid the shadow of Tmall before, it started from a month ago launched a sustained discount "Desert Storm" in 11, double promotion also follow up. Had already broke Tmall and Jingdong competition is forcing some businesses in the business on the two election, recently, Jingdong locked the business background, forcing businesses to participate in the double 11 promotion, AFU, and other brands have announced Bacalhoa attitude from the Jingdong to withdraw shop.

other platforms such as Dangdang, Amazon, Yi and Cuba have all the promotional tricks.

Tmall 11.11 transaction impact of 10 billion

compared to last year, 2200 businesses to participate in Tmall’s 11.11 activities, the number of businesses this year exceeded the number of, Tmall also joined the joint participation of Taobao and Juhuasuan.

last year, Tmall 11.11 total transaction amount of up to 3 billion 360 million. Some merchants who took part in 11.11 events last year conservatively estimated that this year’s sales are expected to be 2-3 times last year.

but Tmall has been tight lipped, Tmall vice.