This year the rural online shopping or up to 460 billion of this bowl of chicken soup you do not dry

This year the rural online shopping or up to 460 billion of this bowl of chicken soup you do not dry

Statistics from the Ministry of Commerce

shows that rural areas in 2015 online shopping turnover reached 353 billion yuan, an increase of 96%; agricultural products network retail sales reached 150 billion 500 million yuan, the development of rural Internet users reached 56 million 590 thousand people, the new shop reached 118.

experts predict that in 2016, the total online shopping market in rural areas will exceed 460 billion yuan, showing blowout market. It is clear that the demand for electricity providers in rural markets is far from being met, is a typical blue ocean market, full of gold. Plus Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other commercial giants in the countryside whitewashing wars and will be more competition for outlets in rural electricity providers switched on the day, has been in intense competition in the city market, more and more industrial and commercial capital into the countryside, you come to me,

is very lively!

however, the rural electricity market to be well developed still faces many challenges, such as rural network coverage rate is not high, the logistics distribution system in rural areas is relatively backward, low, farmers’ ability of application of network farmers’ shopping habits difficult to change, which is closely related to the characteristics of the rural market and is not a short duration of time. You can change.

is the main development of rural electricity providers essentially rely on hotshots, electricity supplier operations involved in Internet technology operation, network marketing, downstream docking and so on professional knowledge, need is a group of new farmers. How is the new farmers? The author thinks that we should have the following conditions: occupation experience and background of diversification, with the Internet thinking, strong agricultural skills, creative thinking, group thinking (to develop, pay attention to the share exchange) and brand awareness is strong, bright cultural gene. According to the above conditions, the best candidate for the new youth farmers is home business.

we are also pleased to see that, with the increasing awareness of Internet in rural areas, the construction of rural network improvement, working outside of the migrant workers or college students will continue to network application skills back to the countryside, such as the digital divide to hinder the development of rural electricity supplier will further be smooth, just a matter of time before the outbreak of the rural electricity supplier.

coupled with the county’s investment in land and environmental constraints more and more tight, leading to weak industrial investment, is the need for some new development momentum. From the successful practice of the county, the new power providers can bring the development of county economy, driven by the development of supporting the production, processing, storage, logistics and commercial services, increased employment, activating consumption, enhance popularity, let the county economy infuse new vitality.

rural electricity supplier is bound to become a huge blue ocean in the second half of the Internet, because it does not just depend on the farmers’ shopping needs, but also in the sales needs of farmers. In other words, the countryside is not only the rural demand for electricity supplier industry chain downstream, but also the most primitive supply chain upstream. This is a two-way business supply and demand model. Specific can be divided into the following four parts: first, the use of agricultural products online sales of agricultural electricity supplier, there are online wholesale and online retail and other forms, rather than simple