Liquor electricity supplier barbaric growth end network network ecological model surfaced

Liquor electricity supplier barbaric growth end network network ecological model surfaced

2016 wine electricity supplier financing the first case of dust settled. This seems to announce the end of the barbaric growth of the electricity supplier of electricity era, but also implies that a new round of knockout will be staged.

recently, as the holding’s ecological wine wine net electricity supplier network received nearly 200 million yuan financing. The investment includes ICBC and CCB international and other international well-known capital institutions.

in 2014, 2015, the liquor business channel integration has intensified, brewmaster, 1919 moves frequently. But such online and offline loose integration of the O2O model, is the only way out?. In this case, network network get nearly 200 million yuan investment, the valuation of 970 million, so that financing events more intriguing. Network network behind what it tells the story of a kind of "ecological story"


O2O: fight, barbaric growth liquor burn smashing market

2014, 2015 is the year of the ups and downs of the liquor industry, regardless of the policy environment or channel change, indicates that the wine industry began to enter the strategic adjustment and transformation. With the penetration of "Internet plus", with the liquor circulation channels for the pilot reform, especially the highly sought after O2O into the wild growing wine.

is a kind of direct starting mode of O2O brewmaster network from B2C online, which is under the fast to launch the "bamboo" integration of hundreds of lines under a chain of liquor liquor to create O2O alliance. But the reporter interviewed found that the survival of the status quo is not ideal: guide poor conversion rate is not high, the next line of liquor chain are difficult, long cycle, complicated procedures, easy to become "chicken ribs".

the other is from the next line of the chain starting line, such as Goethe Ying Xiang has invested hundreds of millions of purchase also buy wine, wine boss, and the circulation of big business to set up a joint venture with Guangdong, Zhejiang force O2O and Fujian 11 liquor; 1919 acquisition of net purchase wine, to create "supplier + shop business integration O2O mode the layout of the country, and quickly. This reverse 020 will face the risk of high operating costs arising from heavy asset operations.

industry analysis, the two models are required to seize market share through the expansion of scale, while the scale of the expansion of the need for capital support. But if the business model, profit model is not clear, only into the "dead cycle – Burn – enclosure – financing refinancing".

"internal" has now: deep quagmire

liquor business capitalThe inertia of thinking

staking, let liquor giant’s capital and earnings quagmire puzzle.

public data show that in 2013, 2014, 2015, brewmaster net net profit was -3.09 billion, -2.87 billion, -5 billion yuan, the total loss exceeded 600 million yuan. At the same time, a number of electricity providers broke huge losses. The brewmaster network "strategic loss" as the reason for the response, and the other has not explicitly put the liquor business earnings schedule.

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