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Alibaba group "1111" shopping Carnival attracted 223 million users to participate, a record 19 billion 100 million yuan turnover volume. The resulting one hundred million five hundred and eighty pen Alipay orders and more than 70 million of the package.

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e-commerce has a profound impact on the competition of the new and the old pattern and the consumer behavior.

Wen reporter Xue Song

"double 11" promotional war has caused some social controversy, the reporter interviewed industry experts and some enterprises think, for consumers, they are more like being spurred a non rational consumption; for businesses, this is a "shipped" opportunity. There are experts said that the national Internet users gathered for a long time to focus on the purchase of a certain day of release, which in the end is good or bad? In the end there is no waste of social resources, this is not a healthy marketing war?

question 1:

reduced to clear inventory of sewers?

although many consumers are attracted by the electricity supplier’s 50 percent off promotional war, but it can not be denied that this is also a "cover" under the "1111" war. Some experts believe that the largest supplier of electronic business platform for the brand, is to effectively clean up a large part of the inventory.

in the promotion campaign, clothing and footwear companies undoubtedly serve as the main force. From last year, the most serious problem is the inventory of clothing enterprises. Statistics found that the top 11 double sales of the top two shoes and clothing brand manufacturers.

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appliance sales, the United States, the United States there is a big pressure on the stock, they will be on the fourth quarter, with the completion of the annual sales target, a single day ride, for the real inventory.

however, Tmall vice president Wang Yulei said, although the traditional brand can clean up inventory by Tmall, but Tmall has been pushing the new activities so that some rely on clear inventory brand gradually feel more passive, Tmall will not become clear inventory sewer. If the headquarters in Guangzhou women’s brand Yin man, ready for the activities of the more than and 300 new models, and through the sale of the selection of the 180 shelves, the final turnover of more than $70 million. Fang Jianhua, general manager of Yin man said that this C2B online shopping mode, to avoid the blind production enterprises, reduce inventory. Tmall President Zhang Yong said that the business model to be applied to offline offline channel.

question two:

irrational consumption will be long?

"this is a crazy irrational consumption," Gu Jun, Professor of sociology at Shanghai Univer, told reporters that the greater the promotion scene, the greater the popularity, the greater the irrational factors. He believes that the reason why the Chinese electricity supplier to fight the price war is that China’s consumer sentiment easily mobilized. Irrational consumption is over, and the posterior is broken." He said.