Under the famous liar Taobao is dead

Under the famous liar Taobao is dead

reputation is hard to live

– Taobao is dead

2006, the Internet is the most widely is non sars. And the most far-reaching impact, Taobao. Taobao has been the interpretation of the e-commerce model, meaning. In the e-commerce world countless people advocate, Taobao is undoubtedly the most effective and trumpeter vested interest.

when we look at the past, since the electronic commerce situation of Taobao after the birth of the strange, there are too many legends and legends! Because individuals have the opportunity to participate in the experience, is also a witness. The Taobao representative mode of electronic commerce for a dialysis, of course is a personal opinion, if there is a coincidence, or discord is normal.

today, Taobao is no longer the year of Taobao, e-commerce is no longer the year of e-commerce. Why Taobao is dead, I will explain the evolution of the process from Taobao, Taobao ‘s rules of the mechanism, the transformation of Taobao and other aspects.

a powerful propaganda machine paradox

Taobao has been the most active advocate and promoter of e-commerce, consciously or unconsciously as the godfather of e-commerce and mentor role. Especially in the myth of the speed and scale of e-commerce. Through a large number of media public relations, public speaking, business marketing, etc.. While weaving a large number of e-commerce rich mythology, a lot of publicity overnight case; he kept threatening marketing a whoop and a holler twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can. Create a strong atmosphere: short poor people do not join the e-commerce business will have no future, rich handsome not to join e-commerce will be abandoned by the trend. So in the propaganda under high pressure, poor and short to the start empty-handed, end of dismal life. Rich handsome to grasp the trend and the trend will be replaced by poor or poor, wealth will be redistributed, the fate will be re shuffle. So, the strength of the strength, did not understand the electronic commerce or not understand e-commerce in the electricity supplier Taobao, prospects the temptation is possible only sugar coated bullet infinite, but the vast ran into Taobao’s arms.

Taobao’s early success is undoubtedly due to its ability to manipulate a powerful media propaganda machine, it is media propaganda and brainwashing so many people crazy to participate in the game. It is because of too powerful propaganda machine to follow the trend into too much too much, but they failed to become Taobao’s entrepreneurs, it is to become a loyal Taobao customers. But in essence, there are too many entrepreneurs, and the limited capacity of the consumer led to the overall poor profitability of the store. Of course, do not rule out some shops do good. After four years of the formation of the crazy participants in 2012, in 2010, in the end of the year of 2011, in the past to a dangerous base, which led to almost all of the Taobao shop door population simply can not meet the. Therefore, a large number of shops decided not profitable. Even though Taobao can now make it easier to break a single day turnover by 1 billion,