58 city listed Storytelling more like Taobao is not classified information site

58 city listed Storytelling more like Taobao is not classified information site


58 city is about to go to the United States market

58 city listed, fast some unexpected, as before you order should be widely speculated that Ali, where to go, then the city is 58, arranged in accordance with the time to market of the United States, probably before the end of November will be listed, but before CEO Yao Jinbo had an important job to be completed – to US investors tell a story what


personality + have the financial data credible leadership concept + imagination is the three most American investors, or investors are most concerned about the factors, that is, one or a group of what kind of man do what thing, the future can earn much money.

said the first concept: definitely will not say 58 city is China Craigslist

after so many years, American investors are already familiar with or in the heart has been approved by the China Internet Corporation of "grass root of the world" concept. Look at Tencent, Baidu stock price gains in the past six months will be able to know the concept is much sought after, not to mention ali.

If you go to

with the United States investors said that the 58 city is China Craigslist, you may easily establish a visual impression, but there was absolutely no imagination: a not-for-profit Charitable Company, what is good?! so the 58 city will not be too much self positioning to the classified information website, but speak their future is more of a company like Taobao. Because they are a bit like

1, is a platform, while the children of grass root users, while the children of grass root merchants;

2, a transaction is a commodity, a transaction is the service, can become the Internet after the fourth pole pole, in connection with people, people and goods, people and information links, plus a personal contact and service.

3, the credit system is very important, essentially solve the problem of information asymmetry and trust.

4, development path are like, are free of charge by bombing and advertising to the rapid accumulation of users and the number of businesses (remember all appear overnight "Amoy you love" advertising and repeated free words is how to attract the eye); then try to charge, which crossed the ridge are needed improve the credit system. Taobao from 2003 to set up in September 2008 to achieve profitability took less than six years, and the city spent eight years in the time of 58. In addition due to the geographical attributes of natural local services, which must be 58 city will continue to strengthen the mobile terminal force, according to the prospectus information, the current from the mobile terminal PV has accounted for 40%, this is a good number.

say credible financial data: profitability is important, but not the most important

concept is good, no financial number >