mpact of the ten largest auto parts suppliers Panasonic B2B has accounted for revenue of 80%

mpact of the ten largest auto parts suppliers Panasonic B2B has accounted for revenue of 80%

Panasonic is not a simple home appliance companies, to the automotive electronics and other positive transformation of the cause of B2B, so that the short-term profitability of Panasonic, and into a new growth track.

April 22nd, Matsushita released the first vehicle electronic business development strategy in Chinese, plan the size of their income from 3 billion 760 million yuan in 2014, increased to 10 billion yuan in 2018, will grow 2.5 times in four years, and will contribute to the global automotive electronic Matsushita business income 1/10.


(Chinese) Limited company chairman Ozawa Youngjun to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the car will be electronic, Matsushita to B2B business development is just the beginning, automotive electronic business in China will achieve profitability as soon as possible. Panasonic’s goal is to hit the world’s top ten auto parts suppliers.

in recent years, the Japanese electronics industry weakened by the cost competitiveness and other factors, into trouble. 2013, Panasonic after two years to achieve profitability. Ozawa Youngjun believes that this benefit from Panasonic in business decisions, decisively to adjust the business structure. Currently, home appliances accounted for only 20% of China’s revenue of Panasonic, the remaining nearly 80% of the B2B business.

worldwide, in the 2014 fiscal year in fiscal revenue of 7 trillion and 750 billion yen, B2B accounted for about 80%. Ozawa Youngjun said that by 2018 the establishment of a century of Panasonic, Panasonic’s revenue will reach 10 trillion yen, B2B will maintain a ratio of 80%. "In the future, further cultivating the field of B2B, will become the main power forward panasonic."

car electronics is one of the important Panasonic B2B business, Ozawa Youngjun said, the current automotive industry, electronic, electrification of the revolution is coming, Panasonic should firmly seize the opportunity."


automotive electronics operating the Department of the minister nagayasu is official said: "in 2014 the global automotive electronics Matsushita sales amounted to 1 trillion and 200 billion yen (61 billion 800 million yuan). From the customer point of view, the Japanese brands accounted for 57%, the European and American brands accounted for 21%. From the classification of goods, comfort products accounted for 46%, accounting for the safety of the class, environmental protection, new energy accounted for 23% of the total of $31%."

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Panasonic car electronics business planning, 2015 annual revenue will reach 1 trillion and 300 billion yen, 1 trillion and 400 billion yen, 2016 year 2017 year to reach 1 trillion and 600 billion yen, up 2018 year to reach 2 trillion and 100 billion yen, realize the leaping growth.

"the major enterprises in the development of a new generation of automobile, which requires us to provide better solutions, we will continue to develop in the new energy, environmental protection, comfortable safety field." Nagayasu is official said, comfortable, with a new generation of cockpit and expand the cause; environmental protection and new energy, the largest supplier to become car battery special environmental protection car; safety, to enter the advanced driver assistance systems.

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