Misreading the micro business we sell goods trust

Misreading the micro business we sell goods trust

micro business is based on a mobile social media or social media above the trust economy, each micro vendor will be based on the credibility of his endorsement product endorsement. In the mobile Internet information is more and more transparent, the relationship between people and goods will be more symmetrical, behind people and sellers of goods will become increasingly strong, and this trust will speed up economic people and people, between people and the circulation of commodities.

recently, discussions on micro business is booming, the main reasons are two points, one is the development of micro business circle of friends has come to the bottleneck, micro business more and more have a "money end" feeling; two is the Taobao business costs more and more high, micro companies become Taobao 80% the seller cannot make money at a straw. WeChat’s every move will touch the nerves of micro providers, in this new and old alternative, the traditional electricity supplier to the mobile electricity supplier transition wave mouth, micro business as a pioneer took the lead to enter the public view. In more and more discussion, the author found that the micro business is narrow.

micro business sellers circle of friends is not

on what is micro business I have done a survey, the results are these:

1 sellers circle of friends;

2 WeChat shop;

3 POCKET shopping;

4 micro-blog awards;

5 media……

all the answers, finally found that the sellers circle of friends is the most derivative, seems to have become the consensus, we accept it more easily. MSI CEO Sun Taoyong said in an article in this definition: derivative derivative is mobile social electricity supplier. Do not know how many people agree with this view, but in my opinion, micro business is definitely not sellers circle of friends, but the sellers circle of friends is a derivative of the. Micro business is based on the existence of social media or mobile social. Judging from the results of several options, in fact, are the manifestation of micro business.

although I can not accurately define the micro business, but micro business micro is definitely not a WeChat, a small mean. I understand the micro business is a platform to go first, followed by the flow, and finally to the process of branding. Go to the platform business is no longer dependent on Taobao, Tmall and other large platform to survive; flow is the social media all together, a key to distribute goods; the brand is with small and beautiful products more and more, and the entrance scene becomes increasingly important, consumers are no longer focused on a brand, shopping has become a kind of preferences and interests whenever and wherever possible.

micro business changed what

Taking the development of micro

even very difficult (not mature trading system, credit guarantee, rights mechanism etc.), with the words to describe it by many people but said of an aged person, still favored. Micro business in the end what has changed, why so many people are willing to pursue. I believe that the micro business in imperceptible in the following four points:

1, >