The core of the train operation tips

The core of the train operation tips

train, precision marketing tool for a better, whether they are big sellers or small sellers can be opened, the money losing the smile, piercing, promotion platform in this seemingly everyone can participate in, how to let oneself can ride train, make their own career to strive for further improvement, should many sellers. According to their own experience in the past two years, Li Leiting to operate the car, to describe the personal views of the train operation of some of the ideas and methods.

first, the goal of a direct train


is one of the most basic function of the drainage, which is to spend money on advertising, so that users see our products. The train is the precise marketing, Baidu and Baidu promotion is the same, through to the keyword bid, let the user see the good location, and then click, so we drew the traffic flow to have behind the transaction.

several of their main push of the baby, then by train the recommended word, data cube, Taobao search drop-down box, relating to their precious words to be found, and then added to the baby to use words, and then set the broad match or center, according to your budget, set up an appropriate price keywords to.

is generally suitable for the promotion of new products.

single product input-output ratio

above the way just to drainage, and did not consider the conversion rate, if you want to make money through the train, it is necessary to carefully select keywords, adjust the bid.

from the drainage phase of the key words to find some of the relatively high cost of words.

is adjusted according to the following rules:

click rate is high, ranking the word, improve bid

spend more, click rate low, lower bid

ranking good, low turnover rate word, lower bid

no conversion or no click on the word, you can directly delete the

is put in the first few pages for keywords, in the first few rows, generally according to your budget, budget on the high point, low budget is a bit behind. The train is just a drainage tool, not too tangled, consumer research, the conversion rate is king.

there is a way to improve the quality of the base score:

promotion title to include the promotion of keywords

product attributes to write full

category to put right

et al.

through the above way, basically through the car on the account is relatively good, not like the drainage phase of the high input low output, and may even be profitable.

for the current Taobao, because the competition is relatively large, direct profit through the car this situation is not too broad >