Taobao home page revision more emphasis on i

Taobao home page revision more emphasis on i

news March 31st, billion state power network that Taobao home page revision again today. It is said that the new version of Taobao resources from March 24th to access some of the traffic, the old and new resources will coexist for some time, until the old version no traffic.

billion state power network login Taobao, the Taobao home page revision large architecture has not changed, just change the page UI icon design style, the first home screen on the left side of a list of all the updates by special services before, now become the theme of the market, the commodity containing more detailed classification, push service and the entrance to the consumer, more clearly.


Taobao home first screen

at the same time, the right side of the new version of the home page also joined the "I often stroll" feature, click to jump to the home page after the second screen, you can view the specific circumstances of interest and update.



Taobao home second screen

addition, characteristics of the market moved to the Taobao home page third screen, is no longer a single entrance, letterlike but be arranged, according to industry forum, set out by the way of parallel.


Taobao home third screen

According to

billion state power network to understand, the new version of the home page canceled the "headlines" at the same time of entrance, "Tmall", "Juhuasuan", "Tmall supermarket" three big entrance has been adjusted, the adjusted entrance looks more obvious.


Taobao home

from the revision of the Taobao home page, Taobao’s direction of the revision is very clear, is to allow consumers to find more on the home page you want, their own concerns, their needs.