Some people calculate the value of luxury brands the results of LV ranked first

Some people calculate the value of luxury brands the results of LV ranked first

Louis Vuitton worth $24 billion 700 million to become the most valuable luxury brands. Market consulting firm Millward Brown released a Most Valuable Global Brands 2015 (2015 "the world’s most valuable brand") report, Louis Vuitton became the most valuable luxury brands, the value of $24 billion 700 million.

the report from the company’s revenue, potential and brand extension value, including brand uniqueness, characteristics, the attractiveness of consumers to compare luxury brands. Millward Brown cited the top 10 luxury brands, Louis Vuitton, Hermè, s, Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, Burberry, Michael Kors, Tiffany list.


Louis Vuitton ranked first, Hermè s after Louis Vuitton, worth $19 billion. The price of the 50 percent off broke yesterday in the domestic Gucci Chanel worth $13 billion; $9 billion; $8 billion 500 million worth of Rolex Cartier; $76; $6 billion 500 million worth of Prada; Burberry Michael Kors; $5 billion 700 million, $3 billion 800 million; $3 billion 200 million worth of Tiffany.

if you only look at these brands this year’s performance is still not see what tricks, may wish to look at their changes. Last year, Louis Vuitton brand value increased by 6%, Chanel brand value rose by 15%. Only Louis Vuitton and Chanel brand in the appreciation of all other brands will fall. The Prada and Chanel position to a swap. Prada brand prices fell 35%, up from fourth to seventh. But Chanel rose from seventh to fourth.

many luxury brands in China and the Russian market, but Chanel in China in order to curb China’s gray market price adjustment. "Chanel is so clever." Millward Brown evaluation theory.


McKinsey also released a report on the end of 2014