Engage in e commerce to earn big money to grasp the 4 key words is very important

Engage in e commerce to earn big money to grasp the 4 key words is very important

e-commerce should be said is now the most popular one of the industry, there are pots surplus bowl countless businesses in e-commerce tide made in full, so there are a lot of friends "follow suit" to start a shop, open Taobao mall, but due to various reasons, it seems not all people will earn a lot of money. Sunny summed up the success of a number of e-commerce, found that they have the following 4 key words, only friends.

keyword 1: independent brand

first sunny to clarify that is to say, engage in independent brands is not the only way out of all electricity suppliers in the industry, but it must be a sustainable way to make money. Because only have their own brands have the initiative, in order to save the operation of many intermediate links, reduce operating costs, product pricing is more flexible.

with our own brand "EnMei collagen" as an example, collagen industry is an industry only engage in their own brands to survive, customers not to pay attention to unknown small brands, so EnMei made a 3 year brand plan, from the beginning of the 08 years, depending on the network media across the country. Carpet of publicity, also has finally won the majority of customer recognition and favor. After a return visit, whether it is from the product quality, or after-sales service are customers.

keyword two: quality

product quality and customer service is the core part of electronic commerce, some sales friends will say, standing in the sales point of view, even if the product is poison, can also take him to sell out, but engage in e-commerce is not the case, if you want to take it as a career to do so. So we must improve the quality of the products. Do beauty supplies, fashion items you have to remember: not the first customer to make money, but the money back. So how do you have repeat customers? The answer is the quality of the product.

keyword three: channel

engage in e-commerce must grasp the channel this keyword. It is the most important 1 raw material order product processing channels and 2 network marketing channels.

raw materials ordering, product processing channels, I will not talk about this, focusing on network sales channels. The network sales channels should focus on the grasp of Taobao, Baidu game rules. Baidu is currently used to do brand promotion effect is good, but the realization of net sales orders or Taobao.

said Taobao channel, inside the doorway is too much, what Taobao, Juhuasuan, Taobao passenger train and so on are very good sales channels. If you want to get the best sales performance, it is inevitable to spend "channel costs", you know.

keyword four: customer relationship maintenance

good customer relationship system in mutual praise, baby sharing, promotions, SMS alerts, and so on the details of the process, a good customer relationship can successfully contributed to the two purchase or even >