America grapefruit received 1 billion yuan of financing the market period is 721 pattern

America grapefruit received 1 billion yuan of financing the market period is 721 pattern

recently announced the acquisition of 1 billion yuan huge grapefruit financing, and completed the demolition of the structure of the VIE, return to the domestic capital market. The industry believes that this means that the Matthew effect is strengthened, menstrual management market has been a "721" pattern, beautiful shaddock is a dominant monopoly form.

Analysys released the May 2016 physical health class applications TOP10 list, the U.S. grapefruit has occupied the absolute leading position in the period of the management of the market, the total MAU size has more than 5. In the rankings, the U.S. grapefruit monthly per capita opening times, single use length etc., are far more than other similar products. From the product point of view, this is because the U.S. grapefruit community the most successful, user activity and viscosity far more than other products.

Internet Law: Matthew effect

Matthew effect (Matthew Effect), refers to the strong Yu Qiang, weak weaker phenomenon. For business, it means that large enterprises are growing, and then focus on the industry’s revenue, profit, technology, talent, most of the resources, the formation of industry oligopoly. There are a lot of Matthew effect in industry, but the Internet industry is particularly prominent, search engines, instant messaging, online shopping, Internet security software and other vertical Internet industry, ranked first in the enterprise often occupy more than 80% of industry revenues. CNNIC analyst Chen Yun believes that Internet users, advertisers, business and other aspects of the behavior of the Internet industry to determine the effect of the joint venture is particularly prominent in the Ma Tai. Especially in the Internet industry, this effect is even more obvious, the search area of Baidu, micro-blog’s social networking field, taxi trips in the field, is the product of Matthew effect.

on the one hand, advertisers will only choose the industry’s first enterprise advertising, investors will choose the industry’s first enterprise investment, which leads to a monopoly industry first favorable resources, on the other hand, enterprises in the monopoly of the favorable resources, have more strength to compete for more market share. In this case, the industry will be the first to form a virtuous circle, while other similar products because of the lack of resources into the vicious circle. Superposition of the two effects, leading to the industry is becoming more and more favorable, and the ranking of the company will be more and more passive.

menstrual management market is entering the Matthew effect driven by Heng Qiang strong, the weak constant weak situation, as has been profitable, the U.S. grapefruit become the most scarce investment targets in the capital market, investors are only willing to invest in the U.S. grapefruit instead of contact with other similar companies; because beautiful shaddock has become the biggest and largest female female menstrual application the community, after the launch of pomelo baby, the formation of the first female traffic entrance, that other companies can not do, so as to select the optimal advertising; has become the only option in the eyes of users of the U.S. grapefruit, which leads to other similar products can get very limited resources, squeezing the other product development space. Into the second half, this situation will be more serious. The reality is cruel, but it’s business.

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