Promotion way talk about the so called paid advertisement

Promotion way talk about the so called paid advertisement

in the selection of the site promotion, not just as a way to promote each stationmaster, also gradually become a basic form of promotion of enterprises, in recent years, enterprises rely on the cyber source to get surfaced, more and more show its importance. As for large enterprise website: the total by adjusting the structure of the web site layout and also ensure optimized structure, do website page, content, and convenient way to use the Internet to do promotion, starting from the common basic post promotion, Q & A, fanchon collection, friends of the chain, E-mail, soft Wen promotion, competition pressure just because it can attract more visitors, not only makes the website to attract more visitors, given the search robot with friendly page, improve as an important site in all kinds of search and directory.

to improve the visibility of the site and the frequency of the search, in addition to the application of the above tips, and now more search engines as most of the site is to provide a competitive ranking:

Baidu: ( do not have to understand that it costs the first search engine. Baidu’s own sense of the market share of the larger than Google, but Baidu did not Google good, both on the contrary. The search rate is larger relatively new pavement is more suitable for the enterprise money can get potential customers.

Google: ( can modify their own advertising and adjust the advertising budget, until the effect of advertising to their satisfaction. You can set custom zone restrictions for local businesses. Ranked second, the cost of service and other equivalent Google than Baidu can let the enterprise to accept it. Currently using Google, but a little disappointed.


: ( only top three Sohu Sogou promotion effect is good, good Baidu, Baidu is feeling mercenary, cost-effective point of view or choose Sogou better.

search: ( to understand the search is not very deep, they also have certain advantages and broad coverage, access to hundreds of millions of QQ users. The new small and medium-sized enterprises can be properly used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, reduce marketing costs, but also good!

use this form of advertising effect, enterprises can learn tricks involves your things, keyword bidding is well understood, but did not give money to have the effect of promoting the simulation.

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