The cloud was again cast by ten million financing deepening nternet plus cloud platform

The cloud was again cast by ten million financing deepening nternet plus cloud platform

news July 14th, the day before, cloud services company announced the acquisition of shares in the cloud chopsticks million ten million A round of financing, financing scale has more than one million Pre-A last round of financing, said cloud chopsticks will take this to deepen all channels of small and medium-sized enterprises Internet plus cloud platform.


According to the person in charge of the cloud

chopsticks, the chopsticks cloud registered users has reached 20000+, expected by the end of this year will exceed thirty thousand of the number of users, the A round of financing, the cloud is chopsticks to usher in a new round of development opportunities. The cloud will continue to deepen the positioning of small and medium-sized enterprises in all channels Internet plus cloud platform, through the work in the field of Internet plus, meet the whole industry chain Internet plus service.

billion state power that is China e-commerce cloud chopsticks cloud service providers, focus on enterprise Internet applications, e-commerce provides overall cloud services for small and medium-sized enterprises. The chopsticks cloud, small and medium-sized enterprises can use the Internet for in a short period of time to separate multi screen (PC and mobile terminal) and the whole network (B2C, C2C, B2B integration of independent O2O, and with Tmall and three party platform) e-commerce website and application. The clouds have is now in electronic, furniture, jewelry, clothing and footwear, electrical appliances, food, retail, trade, manufacturing industry etc..

In addition,

million shares, Ju Zhang said optimistic about the Internet development and operations teams located in the small and medium-sized enterprise cloud chopsticks full channel Internet +SaaS cloud platform business model and professional, that the future of cloud chopsticks is an integral part of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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