An English website promotion method

An English website promotion method

1, push the publicity to the community to

although the extraordinary English website for 3 months, but won the recognition of the surrounding community, since there is such a good reputation, of course, should make full use of it, so the webmaster may wish to take the site close to the people, into the people, it might.

2, the publicity done campus to

itself is a knowledge of the site, to promote the campus area is taken for granted! After all, the school students, or the use of word of mouth publicity, and then there is the use of people for publicity!

3, send single

a large number of distribution of promotional materials, which is a way.

4, and the carpet literature magazine consultation

this way, personal feel very good, and they talk about good, let them give me the URL to play up, not to spend money, but they are after printing out, their own people are handing out, we also do not find someone to distribute, do not shoot two hawks with one arrow


5, and a number of enterprises internal publications synergy

on the website in some enterprises magazine, this is also a good

Oh!The current

website daily independent IP1800, although not much, but also satisfied, ha ha! The station feeds!

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