A brief discussion on blog promotion in network promotion

A brief discussion on blog promotion in network promotion

blog promotion as a way to promote the network promotion, to tell the truth, I’m just a rookie webmaster, since last July, access to the Internet, gradually step by step to sit as position – special vehicle sales and network optimization now. Now here, to record my own experiences and some superficial experience, the initial contact with the blog, or remember 2004 Sina blog launched, many celebrities have joined the ranks of the talented Laoxu blog is very famous, but also ranking and search volume high blog, SEOer blog, listen to peer network optimization master are speaking to Z-blog, WordPress and other professional SEO blog, because of my website source code is not very understanding of the research, are not many, no actual site experience, can only rely on their accumulated knowledge optimization.

Large blog

some good recommend, such as Sina, Baidu, NetEase, and space, and so on, for a new sites do blog promotion is also very important.


as the domestic portal website, blog search and visitors and reputation are very high, here gathered all kinds of talents, if you are a beauty that you can write something about your feelings and life style, put some of their own private photos, beauty in where is popular, sina is not the exception, selected a topic, around this topic to write an article released to some large portal blog, the selection of topics mainly focus on Baidu keyword rankings or Sogou search list, the search volume is high places for a popular keyword, like some keywords are always popular for example, Kabasiji, the 360 security guards, rising serial number, if you are to do blog traffic can find some of the popular keywords do an article, Publish to your web site or some large blog, in the article to set up some hidden links or hyperlinks, once someone reproduced not only bring a lot of money is also a lot of reverse links.

no matter what blog, you can write soft Wen to bring traffic, can also use the old method, to cundian some celebrity blog reply message, now online special Sina blog post machine software to download the sofa. You can also join the blog alliance, blog group, as well as the blogosphere to promote your blog, you will write the original article recommended or pushed to some blog circles.

also can do some network blog, feel good article modification processing become false original released to your blog space.

As a member of the Baidu

Baidu space, Baidu’s weight is relatively high, so from the Baidu space article generally ranked higher than other blog ranking, now Baidu Baidu space management is very strict, do not allow any commercial use with Baidu space advertising, I built five or six Baidu space, Baidu for violating the space protocol number of letters, only one survived until now, I find a little Baidu space best article is original, not.

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