How to promote the network of Web sites on the network

How to promote the network of Web sites on the network

                                                                        network on the local network promotion of larvae website promotion

    in a few days ago I published an article, "the network larvae talk about website promotion" this article to the webmaster brought a lot of inspiration, plus I QQ webmaster also countless. Thank you very much for my article and my support. I will always write articles to let the webmaster feel is to write their aspirations of the article.

    today, I mainly talk about the promotion of the network (2) today, the main site of the webmaster to local conditions to promote.

    today is a local website to explain how to promote, do local site friends can enlarge the eyes. In fact, the best local website promotion, this is because the local site is rarely the reason. There are always people in the local area who are concerned about what is happening in the area. They want to see what the main media is. That is from the Internet, television, newspapers, radio. Television, newspapers, radio, you can’t do this. That’s because you’re on a website. Your website can with television, newspapers or radio synchronization issued the latest local news. How to synchronize, this requires you to negotiate with the local media contact. Another way is to put some sort of information on your site, such as rental housing, sale. School enrollment, recruitment and other factories which need and some of the local agency to discuss. Don’t go for an intermediary without credit. That will only make people hate your site even listen to the name of your site is not comfortable. To find some high credit intermediary. In general, some local agencies are also advertising, they are advertising advertising paste. You can discuss with him in his ad with your website. This will allow more people to see your site. The relationship between you and the intermediary to deal with. So that the intermediary will receive the information at the fastest speed and send the information to you. This is all right!

    some small sites do not publicize above the network. That’s because you have a small area and a small number of people. They don’t usually get local information on the internet. They are all through local television, radio or newspapers. So those small sites are not suitable for online publicity, should be in the real life of local propaganda. I say thank you

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