Consumers can not afford to offend the personal webmaster

Consumers can not afford to offend the personal webmaster

if you are a master, if you are a service station, whether you are providing a virtual service, or sell products, always regard customers as God, no matter how consumers treat you have to choose a rational attitude towards the consumer, because the consumer is not to offend, I have the most real the experience in this regard, today have time to write my story to share with friends, I hope you take this as a warning.

in these years, I participated in the work, to provide SEO services, also sold products, beginning when employees in a company SEO, wages in general and is not free, feel it and try to provide their own SEO service, but also to help others to do the ranking is smoothly. Also received a few list. Although a little harder than the company, but to their own work, the Jedi are quite satisfied. As a result of sincere treatment of customers, and customers are also more satisfied with the cooperation, I am a good communicator, always with the most sincere attitude and customer talk, the customer is also very supportive of my work.


do SEO ranking, when the total is not smooth, do the webmaster know, website ranking is not 100%, there will always be some unexpected, sometimes the ranking is not, sometimes, ranking up will change. Most of the customers through communication can be understood, and there are other people playing, so it is very difficult for us to do. Remember a year ago for a customer to do rankings, wanted to collect more deposit, but hear clients say is the truth, and received a small part of the deposit, the customer also said good ranking will not treat me well. I think this is really the boss when he encountered the atmosphere, elegant.

rankings do fairly well, not long after, the website rankings according to a predetermined plan completed, when customers ask for money, the customer said to see a few days, and the stable ranking again, the customer also has been stressed, must not treat me, hear the words of the customer, my heart is like 14th, a week does not have to urge the customer payment. When I contacted the customer payment again, customers instead of my curse, said I cheated on him, the website ranking has dropped, I tried to explain to the boss, a maximum of one or two days website ranking will be up, because the search engine ranking is not always in a position to maintain the good website also do not to.

but the customer did not listen to my explanation, but also asked me to have received the deposit back to him, or I was around to promote a liar. At this time, I feel that I met a liar, and this person can do anything, simply can not afford to offend. If you do not return the money to him, tomorrow will be everywhere my fraud information, I only Renzai, put a few hundred dollars deposit back to him. However, his website ranked two months later, because no one to maintain. If you encounter such a customer, we can take two measures, or compromise, or alarm, in order to hundreds of dollars, I only compromise.

didn’t do the optimization, and I did it

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