On the free marketing model of network marketing

On the free marketing model of network marketing

free mode, has been a marketing tool for businesses, the use of people love the characteristics of cheap marketing. I recently learned that SEO training circle popped out of a dark horse, its biggest feature is the use of marketing a "free" mode to do SEO training. For this thing caused great concern in the Internet, some people think that this is a trap, marketing is a scam. Today, I come to talk about the matter and some personal views:

"free" is really a trap

SEO free training after this event, free marketing model began to be a lot of people’s attention. Some people questioned, some people are optimistic, there are a lot of people in the sidelines. So "free" marketing model in the end is good or bad?

in fact, from the marketing point of view, free mode, just a marketing strategy. Businesses by providing some free products or services to attract more customers, so as to pave the way for the next marketing. Whether we are in real life or online will encounter such a marketing model. For example, some third party storage SkyDrive, began to give you free 500M or 1G if you want to have more memory, so you have to pay. The most typical of all of us are using QQ, no fees, but if you want to become a member, want to be more beautiful space, you want more and more services, then only the money to get the. In addition to the Google to send advertising marketing model, these are typical cases of free marketing, these you can say they are a trap?

so how can it be regarded as a marketing trap? In my opinion, the main marketing trap is that the value you pay is far greater than what you get. Usually some bad businesses, the use of "free" marketing this to lure consumers, their products or services are just passable. So, this time it can be said that this is a marketing trap. So, the difference between free marketing is not a trap is mainly to see whether the business can provide enough value to customers. But we can not kill a stick, that "free" mode is the marketing trap.

free mode is the emotional marketing card

free mode is actually a business card marketing emotion, free marketing is only the first step. If you know Liu Keya’s marketing will understand that this is a potential (potential customers) process. First through a certain interest to allow customers to go to their own fish ponds, and thus the establishment of a customer database for their next step, to do the preparation. Businesses will be able to easily get the trust of the customer after giving the customer a certain amount of benefits, thereby cultivating customer loyalty. Once the customer has a kind of degree, then the business at this time for the customer to launch a number of other fees and charges, customers will naturally accept. Because he has accepted from the heart of the business, businesses and customers have already had a certain emotional". >

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