Don’t touch the stone egg product marketing website

Don’t touch the stone egg product marketing website


These two idioms yiluanjidan

a mantis trying to stop a chariot, the story we all know, that is more presumptuous thing, the results are often disastrous, so in absolute disadvantage, we have to get out of the way, or the other way. Product positioning is also the same site.


I have observed a website, mainly sell ink and other products, 50% products of the web site is ink, is the rest of the peripheral products, these products are key part of the product is: color card, screw, pigment, products such as keywords. These products are the main products of ink accessories, but these items are not accurate positioning, color, pigment, screws, such popular wide word in Baidu in the top 10 are paid in Google promotion, among the top 10 most top-level domain, with the single product keywords on the page to competitive ranking this is simply yiluanjishi? The consequences as can be imagined.

clear target


imagine in the fierce competition in the screw, color, color, what are your chances of a single product page of search results on TOP30? So the website product marketing in the positioning of the first clear what is the main function of this product, what is the role should be reflected in the product keywords, main ink screw is to adjust the size of the ink, so the product can be defined as (ink or ink adjusting screw screw) color swatches main role is to test the ink color accurate, it can be defined as (ink test color or ink color). This can make the product more intuitive, clear, in line with the user search habits, competitive pressure is not the product keywords. Let your product keywords appear in the front end of the search engine.


this product positioning is not clear the problem of a lot of sites are there, the problem is not because the webmaster, network marketing professionals are not professional or not. The need for careful discovery.

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