A brief analysis of the website operation of product bundling marketing

A brief analysis of the website operation of product bundling marketing

bundled marketing may be a lot of people who have some strange, or do not understand this deep. However, in the actual enterprise in the diversification of marketing tactics, the bundling as a marketing strategy, has been the concern of many enterprises and the use of.

China Mobile every year sales promotion activity, and each time the promotion will have some gifts, such as recharge reach, send what oil, these are actually a bundled marketing mode, these products are equipped with China Mobile’s the national network, so as to realize a product sales.

is also due to bundled marketing with 1+1> 2 of the characteristics, so as to achieve a business in the promotion of brand value, product sales can get good results, therefore, in the terminal channels of reality, bundled marketing shadow is everywhere. For example, buy a computer to send a video, send the card and so on are belong to a bundled marketing example.

in the era of e-commerce, the product of marketing strategy is bound in front of the enterprise, how to properly use the network of e-commerce platform, taking advantage of the e-commerce platform this richly endowed by nature channel function to the promotion of their products to consumers as soon as possible. The product will be extended to the hearts of consumers. These are directly related to the business strategy of an enterprise.

The core of

e-commerce is how to put the product in front of consumers, thereby stimulating the desire of consumers to buy, and bundled marketing advantages can be directly reflected.

1) bundling marketing to reduce the cost of network channel operation

company’s products by selling of another enterprise products, and their products in the product launch, showing from a product flow and product release, in a short period of time can go out and product promotion, so as to reduce the operation cost of network channels and promotional cost.

2) bundling marketing to expand sales


bundled with products are generally sold is, therefore, bound is actually the result of a forced sales activity, of course, is also related to a consumer psychology, so as to realize the network purchase.

3) bundling marketing can realize the maximization of brand value

bind the corresponding marketing and are basically mature products, also has a high brand value, and with product display in, will directly enhance the brand value of products, to enable consumers to deepen the impression of the product, which in the future will have the desire to buy.

above is a basic introduction to bundling marketing, then, how to express in the e-commerce site?

1) implementation of electronic commerce technology

The trend of

products of the same effect, therefore, in the same product would be popular and unsalable market condition, and bundled marketing products are generally selected Association of >

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