Sing Chen Hua entrepreneurship are forced to come out of my seven point management experience

Sing Chen Hua entrepreneurship are forced to come out of my seven point management experience

2006, Chen Hua first venture to do cool web, sing is actually Chen Hua second venture. Venture so far he has a sentiment, in fact, is the need to be divided into different stages of entrepreneurship, each stage will be eliminated a lot of companies, each stage has a lot of problems need to be resolved.

in Chen Hua’s view, the biggest reason is that many entrepreneurs fail to choose the wrong direction, he may choose a profession that do not always work hard again, even if he is useless. After choosing the right direction, but also have the right to grasp and control entrepreneurial enterprises. The following is Chen Hua readme, entrepreneurial experience in the management of seven points, is the personal experience since the start of the business of Chen Hua. Star Group ( slightly edited as follows:

1, the middle is difficult to cultivate

people in the company’s loyalty, confidence may not be so high; but the first day with you grow up, ability may not be the strongest, these two are contradictory;


company must have a lot of problems, these people are loyal to the company the highest, but it does not mean he will look at this company, if one day he felt his opinion without any attention, perhaps the most loyal person will leave. But these people may feel the most about your overall business development goals.

so, the earliest employees, there are some good people, should be promoted, let him become a middle-level cadres, these people may ability is lacking, occupation managers may be less than the outside, but they, on the company’s understanding of values, to the interests of the company, to maximize the whole company atmosphere the feeling that they are most clearly, but also the power to maintain, so to make good use of these people.

2, CEO target, do not interfere with the implementation details

in the specific details of this piece of work, you need to let the middle do. First of all, CEO to try to let the middle team to play his subjective role, they come to provide solutions. Rather than CEO told him how to do this thing, so it is difficult to develop the team. Second, CEO to believe that the middle team, try not to cross class. If you have a problem with the following feedback, CEO will immediately take care of this matter directly, you may give up the opportunity to let subordinates grow.

KPI guidance is not necessarily right, especially small companies should not be too much emphasis on KPI, because in the early days, if you use a very clear performance evaluation. When a person has feelings for the company, he may not only fulfill the goals set by him, he will maximize the interests of the company’s point of view, do a lot of things that are not in his duties. This time is the most valuable for small start-up companies. So at that time should not be KPI oriented, and results oriented.

3, just started to do not give a lot of resources, there is progress, large-scale resource

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