Sina blog optimization techniques to share clever use of free blog promotion

Sina blog optimization techniques to share clever use of free blog promotion

simple blog can be divided into two types: independent blog and the third party blog, currently has the largest number of the third party and the third party blog, blog has many highlights, such as free, can save the independent blog to the domain and hosting costs; the third party blog popularity, the weight of its parent station high in the search engine rankings, for an independent blog, is undoubtedly a bright spot, independent blog is like a newborn baby, everything from scratch. Now the third party blog mainly Baidu space, Sina blog, NetEase blog, blog, blog and other Sohu, here I mainly introduces the optimization of Sina blog, the author pays more attention to the Sina blog, and Sina blog blog is also China’s first brand, popularity, wide user group.

webmaster friends should be very clear, if a website want to get good rankings and weight, it has two main factors: content and the chain. The following is divided into two parts to introduce:

content optimization

website optimization is divided into Title, Keywords, Description, it may be for the Sina blog without the relevant content, we should how to set up optimization? In fact, Sina blog or with these settings, Title’s blog nickname, this refers to the number limit, up to 10 Chinese characters, we should pay attention to in setting refined, make full use of the ten words. The Keywords is the blog of each article labels, many webmaster friends may easily ignore the label, when we each release an article in a label with our blog keywords, highlighting key; Description is the title of each article, website entrainment when we write the title of the article as much as possible the best keywords and theme buckle. We can use the "_" sign, will be heading separated. These are Sina blog content optimization.

link optimization

link is divided into the chain and the chain, the role of both, not to be ignored. Within the chain Sina blog is the main articles within the anchor text, we can organize the blog content, will be the main keyword articles are make a list, so that we can take the next links to related articles in the publication, let the blog form a network. Of course, blog content updates also need to pursue stability, timing and quantitative.

blog is the main chain to other blog message, every day to other users of the quantitative blog message, enhance the visibility of the blog. Sina blog outside the chain does not increase the kind of independent blog cumbersome, it is relatively simple, easy to operate.

above is the author of some of Sina blog optimization techniques to share, we want to be useful, but also hope that we can share their own skills, we learn together.

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