Restore account how to plan the next step WeChat strategy

Restore account how to plan the next step WeChat strategy

you have a nice weekend, this morning to open the computer to see an information, is a good news for marketers, WeChat official operations team has blocked on the part of the public accounts closed, this part of the account can survive on the public platform. A message, do a lot of WeChat account friends happy. Anyhow, WeChat to their own way, not for a long time past efforts to cast to the wind.

We can move from the

after the analysis of 2 points: WeChat for advertising and marketing have been accepted, but not to open it, as the official statement said, "not too much discipline account recovery", so that the solution is sealed to the default advertising push it is completely mistaken. Secondly, some time ago WeChat title is also a buffer for its own strategic development, after all, WeChat in the past two years the development is too fast, so that the Tencent for WeChat’s future strategic layout is a bit fuzzy, communication or a ecosystem, since the ecological system, so the public platform and in what form in front of everyone, is WeChat needs to solve the problem. From now until the title of this period of time, I believe that WeChat has on its own development has a clear positioning, the follow-up will continue to publish a statement.

In fact, WeChat

for Tencent is not only a communication product so simple, from WeChat in the United States on the line, can see the cautious, Ma Huateng is all their hopes in the WeChat body. WeChat does not live up to his hope, 2 years of users, in China’s mobile phone users in 1 billion 100 million, Tencent’s penetration rate of WeChat reached 27.3%, ranking first in Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. So for such a promising WeChat, Tencent’s future development strategy and where should it? I will give you an explanation based on their own ideas.

redefine its public platform. A business or a product in the market to continue operating profit will be down, one can not escape the topic, WeChat also is such, as a responsible Tencent into national Internet Co heavy products, WeChat’s marketing value must not be ignored, even to the so-called user experience is abandoned, but should strengthen the use of this, just as the public platform, WeChat needs a clean and harmonious public platform, but this does not mean that the public platform allows the existence of advertising, marketing or value come from, there is no marketing value, commercial value and what is the use of WeChat. So WeChat has to redefine their public platform, and strive to build a low-cost Internet propaganda channel, rather than for all the ads all kill, the author’s opinion is that WeChat can subdivide their channel, some of the high quality enterprise marketing in one, and then some entertainment features such as video and song, respectively. Open channel, so that not only can prevent the spread of advertising, but also save to a certain extent, WeChat’s marketing value.

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