Eliminate user doubt is the foundation of successful marketing website construction

Eliminate user doubt is the foundation of successful marketing website construction

marketing website construction has repeatedly been mentioned by many companies, many of the network companies have begun to summarize the experience from practice, expand the theoretical study of the marketing website construction. Put aside the form of marketing website construction is not to talk about, because there are many forms of expression, e-commerce sites are marketing sites, such as Jingdong mall and Taobao. Ordinary corporate Web site and even personal blog or some BBS forum, because it can bring help to sales, from this aspect to understand, but also marketing. Therefore, marketing is a very broad definition of the site, as long as it can bring help to the sales through the web site, which can be defined as a marketing site. On the contrary, those who do not help the sale or no positive role of the site, there is no reason for the marketing of the site. Web site in order to play the marketing effect, to win the trust of users and visitors is the first step, and the elimination of user concerns is the foundation of the successful marketing website construction.

eliminate user concerns, that allows users to browse the site, even if there is no trust can not produce doubt. Although many Internet companies are marketing website construction as a gimmick to attract attention to expand the market. But it is not essential to understand the marketing website, a user look after the suspicious websites, also talk about what our marketing? For example, when a user searches through a key, open a top rated website, but wait long time did not open, or even open very slowly. This site is designed to make a good, but also contrary to the nature of the marketing website. The following is the author summed up in the construction site in the making, easy for users to generate some doubts about some key links, marketing type website construction dispel doubts about the user retreat from the following five points of attention.

doubt a: page design is too rough

as the first impression to show, web art design is not a small thing. From the perspective of enterprise website construction, the vast majority of sites in the function is not very different, more than 90% of the different from the page art design. Throughout the development of website construction in recent years, the design of the page is becoming more and more meticulous and professional. Some have the strength to care about the quality of the enterprise, in the construction of the web site will also find a professional advertising planning company for art design and marketing positioning. And some large enterprises inside the VIS, has also included the basic idea of web design. Web site is also one of the display of corporate image, and the design of the rough site, the first impact is the impact of the enterprise, followed by user concerns.

doubt two: content copy

both from the user experience or search engine on the quality of the site, the original quality of the site is consistent with the theme of high-quality content is necessary. Now the majority of enterprise website there are three problems, the first is a long time after the completion of the construction of a large number of Web sites lack of basic maintenance updates, the news on the site or a few years ago. Lack of updated sites, users see the site has not been long

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