On the point of view of pop with novice friends encourage each other

On the point of view of pop with novice friends encourage each other

pop, the owners, users widely as a way to promote the familiar, from the date of birth, is controversial. Now some of the large, well-known portal website, almost all in the early days by pop started, just when the browser is single, break through the IE can fix customers browse pages today, or a well-known portal site continues to launch, < /p>We

Google "Google pop", see the message is this:

Google China pop ads controversial "

Google China Google home page increased Google Toolbar pop-up "

, a large window, the window visible effect. I don’t think I need to say it. Well, would they do that?

dispute is a dispute, beautiful, generous, full of your needs is to not love pop pop, we brought the information and content, to know where is the nearest famous site, what to do, so even if the PC customers in well closed the window, but linger in demand pop information, it should not be in the minority, after all, this has made Sohu, Sina, 163, 51 potatoes, a large number of well-known portal website.

is the meaning of the pop-up ads when users visit the web site, the pop-up window opens advertisers specified promotional pages, called pop ads. Pop ads is the most ancient one of the most common form of network promotion, rapid product promotion and publicity advertising popups are widely used in the enterprise website. In the fierce competition today, pop ads is one of the means for enterprises to quickly capture the market and users, but also one of the propaganda method with low cost.


window is divided into three types:

1 cheap dark pop.

owners with their own software to brush each other. IP open the other site, a few seconds to close their own, will not visit the web page.


pop is actually deceived, just add IP, did not show, because the IE did not open your page, no pop-up any page of your web site, but the flow of each brush, so called dark pop.

2 website pop-up ordinary pop

is currently more "flow alliance support is the common pop. Put your site on some well-known and good websites. Pop content is your web page or your designated blog, Taobao articles page, access restrictions generally can break ie,.Google effect display search "traffic road alliance", the first page of the toplinker.cn site is the window earlier participants, according to the feedback, the effect is good.

first, the page will be displayed, at the same time, will enter the page again get 1>

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