Soft Wen promotion quality is the promotion of the first key

Soft Wen promotion quality is the promotion of the first key

now the soft Wen promotion for everyone is not strange, write soft Wen is the webmaster will things, but write soft Wen is not easy, will spread out the soft text should pay attention to the promotion of quality.

in the process of the promotion soft, the webmaster don’t do arithmetic, don’t think of 1+1=2, this algorithm is not correct, the quality may be soft is not very good, just a soft release has been deleted, so soft paper is invalid for soft, not a little. So in the soft Wen promotion, the webmaster must pay attention to the quality of soft Wen, write soft Wen, with high standards to strict yourself.

since the soft quality is so important, then how to write high standards and high quality soft? In fact, write some good soft Wen is not difficult, as long as the master of the skills and methods, a long stick, iron can be ground into a needle, and write a good soft text.

write high quality soft Wen should pay attention to the following points:

1 title is key. Part of the webmaster in the process of writing soft, not very concerned about the title, plus a title, such a title can not attract attention, and can not tempt people to read the article, is meaningless title. The title of the soft Wen should be eye-catching, with a list of people feel small.

2 title and content relevance. The content must be around the title, title don’t write a basketball event, but the content of China football, this is the title and content of the typical does not agree with the title attracted a crowd of people, content is to scare away a group of people, so soft paper is of no significance, don’t think one does not have to comply with the content the title to fool users.

3 content of the original, usability, content must be original not to steal the fruits of other people’s success, steal the fruits of others are useless, so there is no bright spot where the soft text. The availability of content that is written text must have value, if the content is full of advertising, not a little reading and collection value, such soft Wen also nobody is willing to click, pay attention to dig out some valuable news to write text in the process of writing with the value of the article.

The benefit of

high quality soft Wen can attract people’s attention, to you, not to go too fast, easy way, we need to walk down the truth, the first step out of their own. The first step is to succeed in the future.

in the process of soft promotion, regardless of whether you are using what kind of promotion skills, the most important is the quality of soft core, you put the blowing out well, not consistent with articles, always let people down, if you write good, promotion method is mastered, it must be your soft Wen promotion the success of the webmaster, filling your own master, insist on writing you will be successful.

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