Baidu crazy Adsense cry

Baidu crazy Adsense cry

recently many webmasters have encountered the same problem, that is, the article included in the previous Baidu gradually reduced, the home page in Baidu site disappeared. In the webmaster online to see a lot of technical analysis, today I will analyze the problem of Baidu from another angle. First of all, we look at the development and profitability of Baidu, we all know that Baidu is to rely on advertising to make money, businessmen are profit for the purpose of. Baidu’s slogan has always been to emphasize the user experience. Now do a website to really do original that is how difficult, before a lot through the collection, now is manually reproduced, the title of the article or slightly change.

many people today are looking for something on the web through the network navigation and search engine, as the head of the US will certainly have to turn around these (today talk about Baidu search and navigation), was very successful in Chinese, he knows what people need. But Baidu’s success is generally dependent on the webmaster, we all know that Baidu is not content. Today, Baidu is strong, to strengthen the audit, the development of small sites, you have to buy his keywords (this is no audit, the money is not a problem). It belongs to the network media, we look at those newspapers and magazines, they have their own writing team, of course, there are a lot of people contribute, if successful submission can also get some money, that is the original, is to respect knowledge. So it is one of the original Baidu Adsense website? How much is the original


anyway, the webmaster should flat mentality, improve their website, enrich their websites, beautify their websites, they what search engines, all of the viewers mind to think. No matter where he came from, such as my website, as long as the coming, I would like him to stay for 3 minutes, and he will find the same content to come here. I think a long time, the station will be strong. We’re not going to rely on search engines.

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