Do not understand the promotion of grassroots media people are doomed to failure

Do not understand the promotion of grassroots media people are doomed to failure

no background, only the back, no identity, only ID. In the vast Internet, grassroots people eager to get attention from the media, but also eager to write something hard to appreciate or criticism. But the reality is that most of the grassroots people from the media in the Internet, the main reason is that we do not know how to promote their own, how to promote their own articles or blog. No fans, no user, no traffic, people from the media to make money is, so is in the negative state of friends from the media, we must find ways of their promotion to the readers. There are many ways to promote the selection of the most beneficial to their own.


method 1: make friends with your readers

racking their brains to write the article, but no one should think about the reasons for it, the article is not attractive, or their promotion is not in place. A lot of people from the media choose QQ space as a platform, but you thought your friends are potential readers? Write IT articles of course only in this circle of people will be interested in, even if your friends are in the majority of mixed IT industry. But why people want to click on your space, not often interact with friends, friends may have forgotten your existence. So do not trouble, nothing more time to step on the space, comment on a friend to say, or use the software to point to a good friend.

method two: regularly give readers a little benefit

friends often come to read your space log, it can be regarded as the level of fans, then give the fans a little feedback is also normal. Make a grab red activity, delivery point is really red, although there is not much money, but it is a process of communication, thanks. Some people say there is no dry cargo from the media will certainly fail, but after all, the content of dry cargo less and less, but not everyone is willing to share. Since the media or to win the same style, IT comments, the same concept. The effect of different style, different, humorous and interesting everyone loves to read, read the official stereotype tasteless.

method three:

and heating resource sharing

is now the grassroots media are not in the minority, the majority of the people to write a commentary on the Internet, is not a heating. More than a dozen people to write the same theme from the media together, pushing each other’s articles, can achieve the purpose of sharing resources fans. This is a good way to achieve a flow, but the premise is that the media can trust each other enough, there is a considerable flow of fans and whether. The same level of grassroots media platform may wish to choose from cooperation, a few people to accumulate users and fans, more than a person’s efficiency is much higher.

method four: learn how to show personal charm

rather than from the media to attract people to text, it might as well be attractive to attract readers, in fact, both equally important. So from the media people have to learn to package themselves, especially for grassroots media people, sometimes the contents of a little spicy or good, or often in the QQ space >

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