nterview with the tendency of Xiao Mingchao’s fine magic marketing strategy

nterview with the tendency of Xiao Mingchao’s fine magic marketing strategy

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Xiao Mingchao: the expert of famous marketing trend, know the adorable consulting firm CEO, China fine public marketing theory pioneer. As the American Effie awards, the golden mouse Network Marketing Award Jury Award, by the media as Chinese consumer trends and marketing communications field "trends diviner, providing insight into trends, strategic consulting, digital marketing and a new communication service for international and domestic top 500 enterprises and the media etc..

: the whole Chinese market has regional differences, cultural diversity, the complexity of the market structure, the diversity of consumers. Consumers are also experiencing a reunion from differentiation to the evolution process; at the same time, broken by mass consumption has also been more segments of values, ethnic behavior, demand the formation of ethnic groups. And every enterprise wants to be able to capture all the consumers. But in fact, it has become a very difficult thing.

where is the essence of marketing


from the past more dispersed mass marketing, and now evolved a new route. We call this the essence of marketing. There are four definitions of mass marketing:

first, selected. Companies want to get higher added value or access to a larger market, or according to the consumer power of the crowd, the first to carry out a selection of consumers. This selection to some extent, but also on behalf of consumers in a common point of consumption, hobbies, content aggregation, this aggregation represents a convergence of consumer value.

second, elite. The elite group, is the founder and lead the trend of consumer, even in the promotion of mass consumption, enterprises to seize the elite, will seize the trend of consumption guide and spread.

third, fine. For this part of the population, they are more concerned about the quality of life. They pay more attention to the intrinsic meaning of the brand culture, pay more attention to the pursuit of the spiritual level, rather than simply focus on some superficial or functional indicators.

fourth, smart. The Internet is becoming more and more developed, more and more information. This time, the brand is not to convey more information to consumers, but to convey information more accurately, to be able to deliver consumer trust and brand experience, therefore, simply repeat the information transfer mode, has been difficult to affect the pursuit of the quality of people today.

in general, the essence of marketing is the enterprise in the brand upgrade and transformation process, for the market led, advanced consumer groups to carry out marketing. It is aimed at how to make the whole enterprise more refined, how to make the brand become more aesthetic, how to make the brand more resonate with consumers.


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