Rushmail several ways to collect EDM marketing e mail address

Rushmail several ways to collect EDM marketing e mail address

in the actual development of EDM marketing, in addition to determine the purpose of marketing, there is a very important preparatory work, that is, the collection of e-mail addresses, the establishment of a special e-mail address pool. The quality of the e-mail address is very important, it is directly related to the effectiveness of the e-mail marketing, according to the experience of practitioners, the way to collect the address is relatively accurate and effective.



license collection address has the following three ways:

a, one-way licensing (Single-opt-in)

one-way license is the need for customers to click on the activation of active links, and then collect their e-mail address. This way can usually be implemented in two ways, one is to provide a check box for the customer, let them in the registration or purchase products and services can choose to subscribe to or not; the second is on the site to set up a station door to collect customer information subscription box.

this way relatively simple process, the collection speed is also faster. The shortcomings are more obvious, it is difficult to determine the correctness of the e-mail address, will lead to the enterprise after the mass e-mail, spam complaints may increase, will undoubtedly affect the effectiveness of e-mail marketing.

two, dual license (Double-opt-in)

dual licensing system is mainly reflected in the customer to enter an e-mail address in the registration, will receive a confirmation email after the customer clicks on confirmation, to collect the mail address, in order to confirm the validity.

In this way the

address of the highest quality, but the timeliness requirements of this confirmation message is relatively high, enterprises in the choice of bulk mail platform, this is the key consideration, Rushmail email platform can provide registered letter dedicated channel for enterprises, guarantee the timeliness of the message at the same time, and also can EDM marketing messages to distinguish, do not interfere with each other.

but this way the process is relatively complex, many customers may not have the patience to complete the entire process, so the speed of the collection will be relatively slow.

three, implicit license


mainly refers to the customers in the registration or purchase of products and services, customers will be the default system to receive mail. Of course, companies need to provide customers with subsequent unsubscribe choice, so that meets the permission EDM marketing principle.

implicit license is obviously to collect the fastest, but also conducive to the development of potential customers, but the disadvantages are also obvious, the default mode can lead to a lot of spam complaints, too many complaints will affect the email reputation, adversely affect the degree of email marketing effect will be.

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