f the ancient poetry written by modern title party is what style

f the ancient poetry written by modern title party is what style

first, the Analects of

1, companion of life written quotations: ah, in the world of mortals who took over the unfulfilled love teacher.

2, NetEase: national teachers to die, education grant to many.

3, a circle of friends: the depth of good, why do we need to master the bowl of chicken soup.

4, QQ space: Confucius one hundred words, read what you crying? Do not turn not luguoren.

5, ‘news network body: Confucius talk about governing the country,’ a book has been sold in major bookstores, all cadres need to carry out learning.


two, Sao

1, companion: depression as snow man ah, you jump for what?

2, NetEase: officials committed Dutch act, the central blind.

3, a circle of friends: shocked! Three village doctor before he left to such words.

4, QQ space body: Qu Yuan before dying to say his QQ number, go to him. Do not turn not Chu people.


News Network: an outstanding thinker, writer, educator Chu, Qu Yuan fall river accident died, at the age of 63, the central deep condolences.

three, Jian Zhu Ke

1, companion: relentless capital account ah, let the lovers separated.

2, NetEase: central policy change, officials jittery.

3, circle of friends: another 100000+ was born, living in Xianyang, outsiders turn up!

4, QQ space body: some people say that Li Si is the field force, Lee cried, do not turn out to outsiders.

5, CCTV news: Qin Shihuang Reese comments made a serious response, was highly praised by the truth do practical official style.



, 1 days old companion: moved Prime Minister love, because that promise Baidi city.

2, NetEase: general military and military reform imperative.

3, circle of friends: to war! Remember not to use the phone to shoot the army, please keep state secrets.

4, QQ space: Zhu Geliang and Sima Yi bet, this article is not forwarded one hundred times he lost, do not turn not Han people.

5, the news: Liu Chan praised Cao Wei’s benevolent all over the world, atrocities unpopular, living in dire straits in the Central Plains people’s Liberation


five, goddess

1, companion: lovestruck man ah, the fairy sister-in-law why make you horny.


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