WeChat platform to do marketing often make some small mistakes

WeChat platform to do marketing often make some small mistakes

fast pace of life pressure so that people’s daily life more compact, shopping has become almost a headache for people, a trouble". So the network shopping appeared, and immediately received netizens recognition, sitting in front of the computer gently fingertips you can buy the goods they need, what could be more convenient? So, online shopping consumer groups more and more, more and more business. How to attract customers, how to improve the visibility of the business has become almost every time the electricity supplier in the topic of thinking. From the moment of WeChat, its particularity decides that they will be involved in the marketing of the whirlpool, then opened the micro era, although the micro channel from the beginning of 2011 was launched by Tencent Inc, but until in 2014, WeChat began to change people’s way of life.

as an interactive communication platform, WeChat can be used for voice, so save a lot of people typing inconvenient trouble. With the increasing number of WeChat users, WeChat marketing has begun to be respected. Especially the promotion of WeChat platform. And you want to do WeChat platform promotion, we must first have a good platform for WeChat promotion skills, some good WeChat platform promotion skills can let you when WeChat promotion save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

recently seen a lot of people are doing marketing in the WeChat platform, WeChat is indeed a very good social sharing platform on the WeChat platform marketing has many benefits, but I found a lot of friends will make some small mistakes when doing marketing, hinder WeChat’s marketing process

I can often see someone with a WeChat product name nickname on the WeChat platform, which I can understand, a lot of people think this way to advertise themselves, but does not know that this nickname itself betrayed you, want to use the WeChat deal, the first thing to do is to trust, and the use of the name of the product not only is not enough to do the kind of nicknames, but also make people wonder if you add friends to your motivation, stay away. For example, you are doing the toy business, not necessarily in the name of WeChat to add toys two words, just pick up an attractive nickname may be more effective.

in addition, many people resisted using professional software to WeChat promotion, that this method does not guarantee, I think this idea is too one-sided, is indeed a part of software is not very reliable, but there are many very good, for example, I am now using byond WeChat promotion software (micro signal: softweibo. Sina micro-blog @ at accurate interactive marketing), Bo Yang is a one-stop Internet marketing management platform for http//pomg.softweibo.com’s products. Now we have to enter the car and aircraft in the enjoyment of this to our advantage, even if you run barefoot again soon, also arrived at the aircraft and the speed of the car, also is this truth in the WeChat marketing platform, to learn to use the network to bring our advantage.

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