Baidu bid keyword quality optimization to enhance marketing performance

Baidu bid keyword quality optimization to enhance marketing performance

search engine marketing mainly is the enterprise purchase and some keywords of their products / services, and then do PPC, but the mechanism of PPC is 07 years ago, now the ranking rules by ranking index (CRI * CRI= quality to decide the bid). Then the quality of keyword bidding and keywords ranking have an impact, how to improve the quality of key words and we should do quality optimization from those dimensions.

first of all, we should know clearly what factors influence the quality of the degree, can be targeted, better quality of optimization keywords. The main factors affecting the quality of key words are click through rate, correlation, creative level, account history performance and Landing (page).

click rate:

click on the rate of reaction the attention and recognition of potential target audience to our advertisement, so click rate is the biggest factor affecting the quality of the key words, a lot of SEMER is usually by clicking on this indicator in the optimization of the expansion rate when the quality of the key words, improve click rate to promote the quality of key words.

we know that the click rate is the main factor affecting the quality of the key words, SEMER is no stranger to the calculation formula of the click rate, click rate (CTR) = hits / show, so this time should know and click on the click rate is proportional to the amount that hits up, click rates upgrade (to show the amount of constant), then we find out the influence factors to show the amount of layer by layer, and then optimize all aspects, to improve the quality of the key words of ascension.


correlation mainly refers to the correlation between key words and ideas, words and target page (Landing page) correlation keywords associated with creative creative writing which is the basic requirement in here is not a detailed explanation. For the main keyword and the target page relevance, when the potential target audience our creative advertising to attract, so this time he will be unable to restrain the emotions that clicks on our advertising to find what he wants, if the target audience through the search for the key word click into the website do not see search keywords product / service target the audience will feel cheated, then the target audience is not transformed but also may never come to our site, we lost the potential target audience.

creative level:

creative level is mainly the ability to write our creativity, can achieve the purpose of attracting the target audience, writing ideas no longer can be explained in detail before I wrote "creative writing summary".

The historical performance:

accountThe historical performance of the

account is the quality of other keywords in the account, so that the quality of keywords and the quality of each word has a relationship, then we should think of the account

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