How to integrate brand marketing network marketing network

How to integrate brand marketing network marketing network

in recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the integration of network marketing and the rise of the growing importance of enterprises. The concept of enterprise is as many as long as there is a beautiful atmosphere of the enterprise website can be, how fancy how gorgeous to come, a variety of flash animation film, "foundation" is good, but it’s easy to make mistakes do not pay attention to behind closed doors, and even ignore the network promotion this link. Today everyone here to say is I for some humble opinions on network promotion.

if there is a middle-aged women’s brand, how to arrange promotion plan?

was the first to do an analysis on the competitive environment for network promotion Keywords middle-aged women’s clothing brands, such as Baidu search engine based on several major search keywords, observe the pay promotion and natural ranking of the top three pages of results, analysis of the natural ranking number is the enterprise website ranking, how much is the electronic shops or yellow pages ranking and how much is knowledge, quiz, Encyclopedia rankings. Through the analysis of these rankings can have a general understanding of the keyword heat.

The second is to determine the

extension by means of general main search engine promotion, industry platform and business opportunities, the soft released login pages and blogs, electronic catalog, I described with examples.

search engine promotion

search engine promotion, including keyword ranking and Wikipedia entries, knowledge quiz, need to be based on the main keywords to expand, including the formation of the long tail keywords, including key word plan. From the enterprise website internal structure adjustment and external chain, soft, electronic shops and other means, the two aspects together to enhance friendly website to the search engine, obtained in a number of mainstream search engine ranking by nature, use the search engine giant access increased company information in front of the customer’s exposure, the brand image and product to all-round, multi platform, multi angle spread.

Wikipedia entry and the quiz is to use all of the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Search ask, love asked the Sina platform authoritative knowledge, enterprise information publishing, to publish information related to enhance customer recognition platform, shaping the corporate brand image, but also increase the chain channels, enhance the search engine ranking aids.

network platform construction

industry platform login and Yellow Pages business publication chain is the most effective means, the main work is to publish virtual shops and enterprise product information in vertical industry well-known portal and integrated in B2B platform.

according to the characteristics of middle-aged women’s clothing brands, its publishing platform choice is relatively clear, in addition to the more well-known Alibaba, HC, business treasure, how to select other excellent


the most simple preliminary screening is to pay attention to the selected platform of the following points: station time, search >

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